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submit Stream

submit stream is a part of the Orchestration Pipeline. Messages are processed by runner service.


Message Headers

submit stream doesn't use additional headers.

Message Format

dispose stream carries JSON-encoded messages of several types. The type of message is encoded in the $op field. Unknown message types and malformed messages are discarded.

submit message

submit messages represent a new job group request.

$opStringEquals to submit
nameStringJob name, unique within job group (common parent)
actionStringName of the action. Mutual exclusive with jobs
descriptionStringOptional description.
labelsArray of StringList of labels.
allow_failBooleanIf set to true, FAILED job became WARNING
locksArray of StringOptional list of lock names. Lock names are jinja2 template variables, in where environment is used as content.
inputs Array of ObjectList of input mappigs.
nameStringName of the input parameter, action-specific
valueStringParameter value. Jinja2 template in where the environment is used as context. If job parameter is set, the job result is exposed as result context variable.
jobStringOptional job name.
require_approvalBooleanJob will be created in PENDING status
depends_onArray of StringList of dependencies. Dependencies are the names of the jobs from the same group. Circular dependensies are not allowed
environmentObjectDict of evrironment variables and their values, available for same job and exposed to all children
jobsArray of ObjectList of nested jobs. Mutual exclusive with actions