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NOC 23.1.6

23.1.6 release contains 158 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.


MR7412hide basket icon added
MR7422Bump Django version.
MR7432Add technology::radio hints to igetinterfaces.
MR7440Add slot_number attribute to Stub.
MR7461#2132 Move MetricsLog to Clickhouse table.
MR7462Add technology wildcard labels.
MR7467noc/noc#2022 Fix logic with first query in get_rows method
MR7467noc/noc#2022 Fix logic with first query in get_rows method
MR7477fix network-scan command
MR7485Add scope param to CapsItem.
MR7493Add sharding key to Metrics ChangeLog.
MR7497Change psycopg2 for psycopg2-binary
MR7498Use lazy load fields on Report DataSources.
MR7508#2224 Add Suggest protocol priority to Credential Rule
MR7517#2200 Fix exception raised on invalid UTF-8 text in vars.message field in fm/0051 migration
MR7519Add iterator to RedPanda client for use subscribe on chwriter.
MR7521#2219 Fix - change filtering data from pandas to polars API
MR7539#2232 Fix getting current_start information for objects in down status
MR7539#2232 Fix getting current_start information for objects in down status
MR7569RTSUPP-158 Fix exception in clickhouse query with IN-subquery
MR7580RTSUPP-157 Fix PendingLinks report
MR7580RTSUPP-157 Fix PendingLinks report
MR7586RTSUPP-160 Fix clickhouse-query for get event
MR7586RTSUPP-160 Fix clickhouse-query for get event
MR7607Fix sheet name for table-section xlsx reports in ReportEngine
MR7634Fix Kafkasender Errors
MR7665Adjust the welcome page
MR7668Load balance between partitions for Kafka
MR7676#2221 Change vc to vlan column in report IPAM/Filter
MR7676#2221 Change vc to vlan column in report IPAM/Filter
MR7687RTSUPP-166 Fix managedobjectcapsds datasource
MR7687RTSUPP-166 Fix managedobjectcapsds datasource
MR7688RTSUPP-166 Fix managedobjectlabelsstatds datasource
MR7688RTSUPP-166 Fix managedobjectlabelsstatds datasource
MR7692Fix archived param in reportdsalarms datasource ('archived' radiobutton in UI)
MR7711fix_bi_id: Do not import models
MR7747Speedup update links info for ManagedObject.
MR7752fix pattern_prompt Zyxel.MSAN
MR7758fix map link inspector
MR7760Speedup ManagedObject backend.
MR7787BDCOM.IOS, BDCOM.XPON get_lldp_n‎eighbors fix LLDP linking
MR7803Add PortAggregator interface to BDCOM.IOS.get_interface and BDCOM.xPON.get_interfaces
MR7820#2242 Fix saving KB Entry with attachments
MR7835NAG.SNR profile update
MR7879Selfmon Update Managedobject collectors
MR7880Fix "b'%name'" in lldp remote subtype 7
MR7898Set max replication_factor on kafka client to 3.
MR7918Periodic Interface Status add LAG status
MR8037#2114 discovery: Postpone jobs with import errors
MR8135Add WatchDog
MR8154Fix get_dict_interface_metrics - add condition for interface scope metrics only
MR8155Fix get_interface_metrics for passing '\N' values


MR7204Remove assigno is_managed field from network-scan.
MR7418Fix ManagedObject filter on FM Event UI.
MR7444Fix typo in Label._get_re cache.
MR7459Fix error when DataSource return empty result.
MR7468reset to empty value
MR7474Fix duplicate caps when set_caps on Service used.
MR7479clearForm method added
MR7484Fix typo when binding service to sub.
MR7488Fix ChangeField format on workflow decorator.
MR7490Fix table name on MetricState query.
MR7510#2323 Fix save Custom field on managed_object form
MR7512#2220 Reduce max message size on metrics_queue on 1%.
MR7535object list fix total all translate
MR7537#2229 Fix update diagnostic when state changed on ETL process.
MR7549#2133 Check tt_id exists when check_escalated method.
MR7550#2235 Split defer message if arguments size exceeded.
MR7614Set unsupported ssh proto when 'No supported authentication methods' error.
MR7624Fix panel_id type on GrafanaDS service query.
MR7660fix unknown-models group delete
MR7670fix get_nested_inventory after #2270
MR7696#2282 Set param type to 'list'
MR7696#2282 Set param type to 'list'
MR7707Fix package imports in custom
MR7713Fix syslog/trap collectors trace when datastream not rebuilding.
MR7716Fix filter protected labels on UI Filter.
MR7726Fix migrate Clickhosue default value for metrics.
MR7737Fix clickhouse metric view with default value..
MR7763Fix trace when no metric data in query.
MR7765Fix order in migrate-ch.py for custom collection case
MR7792Add default map_lon, map_lon params.
MR7793Fix managed_object open form when not oper_status.
MR7800Fix GroupEdit form open.
MR7807#2329 convert value to hex
MR7814#2323 Fix Create ManagedObject when Custom Field set
MR7817Remove bad param from insert_many on whois update.
MR7819#1436 Fix 'different vertices on map' error when request same coordinates for box.
MR7821#2335 Fix firmare_recommended_version output in MO card
MR7849Fix error after systemctl restart noc in main->setup->csv export/import
MR7856Fix prevent inserting empty values into headers Message Route
MR7868#2326 ID undefined when new object
MR7873Add effective labels to GenericObject on update_diagnostics_alarms.
MR7876Huawei.MA5600T: Clean up misindents inflicted by pager
MR7877Huawei.MA6500T: Fix get_cpe and get_cpe_status for cases when CPE name ends with minus
MR7881Fixed alarm clearing on admin_state down
MR7884#2423 Add AuthLDAPDomain check when aaa.Group delete.
MR7886#2427 Fix allowed_models migration.
MR7900#2434 Fix dns datastream when address state changed.
MR7903Fix MetricAction.on_delete_check bad field name.
MR7906#2341 Fixed open GetNow as first application
MR7910#2352 Always invalidate ManagedObject cache when change TTSystem settings.
MR7951#2446 Change segment to l2domain in vlan card
MR7956#2455 Fix IPv4 in byte-string normalization in IPParameter and IPv4Parameter
MR7985Fix apply match Label when save settings.
MR7986Fix ManagedObjectProfile match_label apply.
MR7987#2464 Fix apply interface event policy.
MR7997Fix favorites stars in model/doc application
MR8001#2463 Исправление обновления sources_config сервиса метрик
MR8002Fix apply dynamic profile classification when save object.
MR8010Fix interface effective_labels update.
MR8025#2106 Fix with race condition in ActiveAlarm.set_root
MR8134Fix view Link Metrics on NetworkSegment Map
MR8136Fix change etl workflow state after object create.
MR8201Kafka client skip message too large.

Code Cleanup

MR7852Fix typo in welcome page


MR7506#2217 Add support 0.6.x Json Grafana Plugin to GrafanaDS service.
MR7673fixed vlan displaying in ip/ipam/contents
MR7911Added CPU and memory metrics for CDATA.xPON and BDCOM.xPON
MR7936Fix Classifier error if handler in trigger is None

Profile Changes


MR7729fix get_interfaces Alcatel.7302


MR7770Изменён профиль BDCOM.IOS


MR7882Fix CData.xPON snmp ifindex detection #2353


MR8014Cisco.IOS.get_metrics. Fix SLA probes metrics get.


MR7839Add confdb normalizer to DLink.DxS


MR7566fix get_portchannel Eltex.MES


MR7431Huawei.MA5600T.get_metrics. Add CLI collect for ONT metrics.
MR7437Huawei.MA5600T.get_metrics. Cleanup get_dom_metrics.
MR7478fix shdsl ports Huawei.MA5600T
MR7916Fix MA5600T.get_interfaces for retrieving information about last port in board


MR7499Huawei.VRP.get_metrics. Fix 'SLA | Packets | Loss | Ratio' metric oid.


MR7424add sensors to get_inventory for JUNOS
MR7530Juniper add caps
MR7600Juniper.JUNOS Update SLA
MR7841Juniper.JUNOS.get_interfaces fix interface recognition for ae interface


MR7321Add radio metrics, ddash
MR7808MikroTik.RouterOS fix CLI working on new RouterOS version
MR7845Mikrotik.RouterOS.get_interfaces.py Add wg interface type and ignoring unknown iftype


MR7651Fixing LACP interfaces for new versions of software Alcatel.TIMOS


MR7509fix pattern_prompt Qtech.QSW2800
MR7734Qtech.QSW2800. Add DOM metrics


MR7682fix promt SKS.SKS


MR7840TPLink.T2600G add tokenizer and stub normalizer


MR7514fix interfaces Alcatel.TIMOS
MR7548Eltex.ESR add inv.objectmodels, sa.profilecheckrules, get_inventory.py( for sensors), fix get_version.py
MR7825Update DCN.DCWL profile
MR7993Fix get_version, get_chassis_id and add scripts for Eltex.WOPLR

Collections Changes

MR7419Fix CRC MetricType MeasurementUnit.
MR7425Migrate Report Event Summary and Report Unclassified Trap OIDs to New API.
MR7471Set enable_timedelta on Interface scope.
MR7529New Metrics for ippool of BRAS: HUAWEI, JUNIPER, NSN
MR7667RTSUPP-166 Add discovery_problem field in new Object_detail report
MR7667RTSUPP-166 Add discovery_problem field in new Object_detail report
MR7708Remove key field check for received metrics.

Deploy Changes

MR7449BUmp liftbridge to 1.9.0
MR7505Fix consul ansible interpreter handling