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NOC 23.1.4

23.1.4 release contains 20 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.


MR7307Add ReadPreference to check fallen objects on discovery.
MR7309#2097 Used shard as filter discovery.
MR7312Refactor send metrics to MX.
MR7327Add effective_metric_discovery_interval for saving metric interval job.
MR7329Replace polars to polars-lts-cpu for compatible old cpu.
MR7331Add calculate topology task to scheduler


MR7301Cleanup object_status duplicate records.
MR7304Fix metrics interval setting validation on ManagedObjectProfile.
MR7314Fix save changelog on metrics service when stopped.
MR7317Fix check empty collection on rca_lock.
MR7319Fix ObjectStatus migration typo.
MR7322Fix update diagnostics when change state.
MR7326Release topo rca lock when on_set_status message.
MR7333Revert discovery object status optimization.
MR7335Fix getting consul config proto, more 1 section.
MR7336Check interaction when run AlarmDiagnostic.
MR7340Fix apply metric rule to item.

Profile Changes


MR7298fix promt Eltex.MES24xx

Deploy Changes

MR7344Fix depends of bh service
MR7345Add handling unneeded python packages