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NOC 22.1

22.1 release contains 1329 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.



NOC always has the conception of the tags. Tags are the lists of the arbitrary strings attached to the resources. You can attach a tag to apply the meaning to the resources. Tags are highly controversial by their nature, and their utility may vary from the silver bullet to the total mess. During the release cycle, we have analyzed common problems and use-cases and have developed several approaches to evolve the tags into a tool of tremendous power. NOC 22.1 introduces the labels. Labels are the tags on steroids. Just like the tags, labels are the strings, attached to the resources, but several features change a lot:

  • There is the registry of labels.
  • Labels can appear in the system only via the registry.
  • Labels have descriptions and color schemes.
  • Labels contain permissions. Permissions define the areas the label can use and the directions the label can "flow"
  • Group of labels may build the "Scope": Resource can have only one label from the scope.
  • There are three ways to attach the label to the resource:

  • Manually.

  • Dynamically, following the rules.
  • Inheritance via Flow Rules. The profile and the state labels can "flow" to their resources.

Labels are the central core concept of the NOC. All classification tasks are greatly simplified and two-step now: First - assign the labels, then - use labels for the classification. Automation tasks can utilize the labels too - attach the proper one to alter the behavior.

Dynamic Resource Groups

Dynamic resource groups use the labels and the classification rules to filter the resources. The Resource Groups are the complete substitution for the selectors from now on.

Alarm Groups

The concept of Umbrella Alarms evolved into the Alarm Groups. An Alarm Group is an alarm that covers one or more alarms. Alarms can participate in several groups. The NOC raises the group alarm using the rules and clears the group automatically when it is empty.

Group alarms allow using NOC as an umbrella monitoring system, collecting alarms from equipment and third-side NMSes directly.

Dispose Protocol Enhancements

Correlator's "dispose" protocol now allows raising and clearing the alarms directly by a third party. As the result, all alarm manipulation logic is inside the correlator now. All alarms, including group ones, are handled and escalated in the same way. It removes the inconsistencies in handling and escalation of umbrella alarms, making the threshold alarms much more flexible.

As a side effect, now it is possible to create custom alarm collectors, bridging external NMS alarms into NOC, making the NOC a full-blown umbrella monitoring system.

Alarm Components

Alarm Components are the bridge between an alarm and the inventory. Components have replaced the alarm datasources and offer access to the inventory from the alarm context.

Metrics service

The new metrics service handles all metric processing tasks. There are several ways to collect metrics:

  • Discovery process: Collects metrics by active equipment polling.
  • metricscollector service: Accepts metrics collected by agents.
  • Third-party collectors, including gRPC telemetry (planned).

metrics services:

  • process the incoming stream.
  • perform all necessary conversions.
  • send the metrics to be written in the database.
  • analyze metrics for conditions.
  • raise and clear alarms.

Inside the metrics service is the Computational Direct Acyclic Graph (CDAG) - the abstraction of the calculations. The graph represents the calculation, where the nodes are the functions, and the edges are the calculated values. A combination of the metrics and the complex thresholds is now possible.

NOC contains a large library of the nodes, including arithmetic operations, algebraic functions, and window operations. Among the window functions is the "Gaussian Filter", sometimes known as 3-sigma. The Gaussian filter applies a machine-learning approach to detect proper thresholds automatically.


Sensors are the monitoring endpoints to measure physical values like temperature, humidity, voltage, etc. Sensors allow configuring additional metrics collection beyond the networking metrics.


The universal agent collects operation system metrics, data from sensors, and performs active measurements. The agent is lightweight and implemented in Rust language. The release offers collectors:

  • block_io: collects block-devices input/output statistics.
  • cpu: collects CPU usage statistics.
  • dns: performs DNS query and collects timings.
  • fs: collects file system statistics.
  • http: performs HTTP/HTTPS queries and collects timings.
  • memory: collects memory usage statistics.
  • network: collects network interfaces statistics.
  • modbus_rtu: collects sensor data via MODBUS RTU serial protocol.
  • modbus_tcp: collects sensor data via MODBUS TCP protocol
  • twamp_reflector: TWAMP reflector, compatible with JUNOS and Cisco IOS TWAMP senders.
  • twamp_sender: performs TWAMP SLA tests and collects the statistics. Compatible with JUNOS and Cisco IOS TWAMP reflectors.
  • uptime: collects host uptime.

Agent supports zero-touch autoconfiguration with NOC zeroconf server and streams collected metrics to the metricscollector service.

VLAN Management

22.1 release contains improvements to the VLAN Management:

  • L2Domain: Just like VRF for IP, L2Domains define a space of unique VLAN id.
  • ResourcePool: an abstraction to the resource allocation requests.
  • VLAN Domain Profile and VLAN Profile as the group settings.
  • Local VLAN: device-local VLAN which cannot be leaked further into the network. Local VLANs can overlap within L2Domain.

Label-driven Escalation

Labels can alter the escalation process.

Distributed Correlator

Several correlation processes can process dispose stream for the same pool, removing the performance bottleneck.

Cable Abduct Detection

Alarm processing improvements allow sophisticated use-cases. One of them is copper cable abduction detection. The massive cable damage in the raiser results to time-correlated link-down events. NOC can track such cases of abduction or vandalism to start a rapid response.

UI Impromenents

  • ExtJS IPAM
  • Search managed objects by geo-address

New Profiles

  • Linux.Astra
  • Linux.Openwrt
  • Meinberg.LANTIME

New Services

  • metricscollector
  • zeroconf
  • metrics

NSQ Removal

nsqd and nsqadmin are no longer used.


  • Upgrade the Tower to the latest version.

New features

MR1920IPAM - ExtJS version
MR4603Computational Directed Acyclic Graph
MR4687GMX-friendly reboots
MR4709correlator: Distributed mode
MR4780Modbus model interface
MR4787Measurement Units
MR4793noc/noc#1463 ObjectModel.sensors
MR4814inventory find_path function
MR4868sa.managedobject: Search by geo address
MR4916Cable Abduct Detection
MR4947Service Capabilities
MR4976noc/noc#1504 Add AlarmComments Report.
MR5053noc/noc#1509 New feature combobox with link for create and update
MR5059noc-agent: Rust implementation
MR5106#1521 #1522 Protected and wildcard labels.
MR5136MetricScope labels
MR5144noc/noc#1516 Add Labels UI field
MR5148core.combo fixed
MR5158ui: Avatar API
MR5159noc/noc#1532 metrics: Use labels
MR5279mx: metrics stream
MR5320noc/noc#1574 Add RegexLabel
MR5324noc/noc#1576 Add Dynamic resource groups rule.
MR5329Sensor Panel
MR5349noc/noc#1581 Add initial decorator for 'Dynamic Profile Classification'.
MR5475tree picker for labels added
MR5476worker service and defer function
MR5506zeroconf service
MR5522Generalized change tracking framework
MR5536noc/noc#1355 Add DictionaryBase class for create DDL Dictionary.
MR5556zeroconf: Agent authorization levels
MR5568noc/noc#1637 Add oper_state to ManagedObject list API.
MR5615metricscollector service
MR5616alarm services counters
MR5624noc/noc#1647 Add migration ManagedObjectSelector to ResourceGroup.
MR5663noc/noc#1568 Add badges to labels.
MR5708noc/noc#1593 Add Events BI model.
MR5745noc/noc#1669 Add Create Maintenance from Alarm UI
MR5746noc/noc#1670 Add ReportDetail Report to Alarm UI.
MR5787noc/noc#1681 Add Caps and Effective fields to ManagedObject Form.
MR5828noc/noc#1698 Add components to AlarmClass.
MR5832noc/noc#1700 Add AlarmGroupRule.
MR5833noc/noc#1696 Add is_ephemeral attribute to AlarmClass.
MR5844correlator: raise an clear messages
MR5873correlator: Dynamic alarm groups
MR5886correlator: ensure_group request
MR5895Alarm Groups: min threshold
MR5899Label-driven escalation
MR5918noc/noc#1671 Rewrite VLAN Management.
MR5996noc/noc#1757 Add Object Settings to FirmwarePolicy.
MR6102noc/noc#1763 Add effective row to Embedded Grid
MR6135noc/noc#1789 Add initial Report Data Source.


MR3109sa.managedobjectprofile layout fixed
MR3564Static MAX_OBJECTS count for display segment in Network Map now configurable for Networksegment
MR3572Git ignore pyvenv.cfg
MR3598Generate valid consul tag for Prometheus (consul + telegraf-1.13+)
MR3761Add docker healthcheck
MR3774NOC 20.1.1 Release Notes
MR3775NOC 19.4.2 Release Notes
MR3899Update .gitlab-ci.yml
MR4237change pagesize to 500
MR4260Fix path for pip3 "requirements.txt"
MR4441tagField: add parameter 'pickerPosition', value right | left
MR4450Add shebang in MX service
MR4500Improve test security dependency condition
MR4526Move docker-compose files to noc repo
MR4609noc/noc#1433 Add Object to ETL Model.
MR4644Ci black fix
MR4650Add db-diff to etl command. For calculate diff on DB and import.
MR4652button Add Interface always enabled
MR4669Set BI chunk setting to 500.
MR4679Speedup 'Managed Object Serial Number' report.
MR4691Dockerfile: Upgrade pip to latest version
MR4692Django 3.1.3
MR4702Optimized maintenance UI
MR4708Fix syslogcollector service
MR4710mkdocs documentation
MR4712Add CI workflow rules
MR4714CI workflow - fix
MR4718Make pytest runs only on /.json, requirements.txt and .py changes
MR4727Scheduler job sharding
MR4740Find by partial hostname on get_neighbor_by_hostname.
MR4742#1457: Set "Loading ..." mask when showing Maintenance Objects
MR4758Add 'Exclude Device if SerialNumber changed' option to ReportMACMoved.
MR4769FastAPI 0.62
MR4773Script documentation auto cross-references
MR4777mx and kafkasender documentation
MR4792FM and GMX pipelines documentation
MR4804Grafana add Errors In/Out Delta in ddash
MR4807docs: FM Pipeline streams
MR4808docs: style guide
MR4810Add 'Serial Number Changed' column to reportmovedmac.
MR4813Restructured Documentation
MR4815Style guide
MR4818Classifier: Speedup MIB lookup
MR4820classifier: Speedup deduplication
MR4831noc/noc#1455 Add liftbridge monitoring to selfmon.
MR4834docs: Tools
MR4840Grafana: Sensor Power Input Status
MR4845mx: Add remote system to reboot message
MR4852docs: Connection Restrictions
MR4853docs: MX Reboot example
MR4854noc/noc#1477 Add crossing_proposals API.
MR4855docs: Connection Type reference
MR4869Fix docker compose start
MR4871Fix "By Is Builtin" filter
MR4879classifier: Fix deduplication on event load spikes
MR4881Add get_fqdn scripts on profiles
MR4881Add get_fqdn scripts on profiles
MR4884tags -> class ActiveAlarm and tags -> class ArchivedAlarm.
MR4886Liftbridge: Message autocompression
MR4900Improved geo address search
MR4901markup_language field of KBEntry model was fixed.
MR4902Event Classes Hierarchy report was fixed
MR4904Bearer authorization was repaired.
MR4912BI: Flows model
MR4913Fix ThresholdProfile
MR4920check-labels: --verbose flag
MR4924Inventory sensor plugin
MR4934#1465 Cleaning DataStream collections
MR4946radius_secret to binary
MR4948Setting implied_permissions after pushing down get_mac
MR4951Service.capabilities: Value cleaning
MR4959thresholdprofile: add value_handler to json
MR4960Fix periodic metric
MR4965rust: fix noc-dns-sync warnings
MR4977Threshold Profile: Update handlers view
MR4982FastAPIService: Customized validation errors
MR4984#1508 Fix TLS support for service mailsender
MR4985Maintenance FAST API
MR4986Grafana. Fix Iface Load, Multicast Channel
MR4987Add load ETL loaders from custom.
MR4988noc/noc#1494 Add hostname to ManagedObject card.
MR4990noc/noc#1507 add_ddash_subscribers_summary
MR4996Fix stupid error in -envflag.prefix string Prefix for environment variables if...
MR5016noc/noc#1504 Add escalation_tt to Report Alarm Comments.
MR5027Fix ddash, add metric
MR5040Set address_resolution_policy default value on ManagedObjectProfile form to 'D'.
MR5041Change MetricType application condition to icontains.
MR5048Catch unknown exception on activator snmp_v1_get and snmp_v2c_get method.
MR5049#1501 api login & RFC's error answers
MR5057Make check_labels allow to fail
MR5058noc/noc#1415 Add Liftbridge retention config.
MR5062#1505 noc parse-events: --reject option
MR5070#1506 noc parse-events: --report option
MR5071Add detail column to Report Pending Links.
MR5079Fix translation command
MR5083Initialize pyximport on windows
MR5094Add script for change address of noc if it changed
MR5097Release 20.4 UI translation part1
MR5102Add translation to UI
MR5104#1528: Move chwriter to LiftBridge
MR5105Add enable_http_proxy to liftbridge settings.
MR5108Django 3.1.7, FastAPI 0.63.0, mongoengine 0.22.1, grpcio 1.36
MR5112Mailsender. Set attachment part encoding to 'utf-8'.
MR5116noc/noc#1530 Add clean option to etl command for retention policy.
MR5122/api/ui/me endpoint
MR5123login: Token revokation
MR5127Fix labelAlign for Lookup fields
MR5128migrate-liftbridge: Create plain streams
MR5130Add top option to noc gridvcs command for show top object size on repo.
MR5132Change container on ManagedObject ETL loader to Object.
MR5134DNSZone command add AXFR Address load
MR5139noc/noc#1473 Add retry connection to Liftbridge when received GRPC UnknownError.
MR5145Add liftbridge ch. streams to selfmon collector.
MR5146Add autocompress when bi publish to LiftBridge.
MR5147Add replication_factor setting for liftbridge ch streams.
MR5150noc/noc#1536 Add Remote Object and multiple scope info to Object data plugin.
MR5151noc/noc#1498 @Label.model decorator
MR5152Add clean_model to Object etl loader.
MR5155liftbridge: changing type of start_timestamp param (int -> float)
MR5156fix attachments mailsender service
MR5157add network-scan command
MR5172DataStream: Configurable change tracker policies
MR5178Add stored_column to migrate-ch.
MR5179ui: Avatar colors generator
MR5180#1500 /api/login/token and refresh_token
MR5181#1544 login: Pinhole openapi.json
MR5184noc/noc#1498 Migrate SA Tags to Labels.
MR5185BaseService.subscribe_stream cursor_id and auto_set_cursor
MR5186#1499 removing old func: is_revoked and revoke_token.
MR5188BaseService.register_metrics key parameter
MR5196Agent refactoring
MR5198noc/noc#1498 Migrate CRM, KB, DNS, GIS models from tags to labels.
MR5199#1537 FastAPIService: ctl API
MR5201noc/noc#1498 Migrate IP, Peer and VC from tags to labels
MR5202#1499 fixing of logout mistake.
MR5203ui: me.avatar_label_fg
MR5204noc/noc#1498 Migrate SLA and FM model Tag to labels.
MR5206service-ping: fixing mistake of wrong type var
MR5207Bufferise published metrics
MR5208Ping service: TornadoService -> FastAPIService
MR5209noc-agent: Refactoring, Replace Collector generic with traits and macro
MR5210Russian documentation structure
MR5213noc-agent: Refactor packet models
MR5215Add Label.get_effective_setting for wildсard settings check.
MR5218Fix peer.peer Model.js labels string to auto
MR5219Fix peer.asset Model.js labels string to auto
MR5221Add Label extractor to ETL.
MR5223#1452 fixing mistake of classification rules
MR5224Add fix for migrate data between old and new pm schema
MR5225Use for Old PM data migration separate db.
MR5229noc/noc#1515 Add seen and unseen methods to sensor.
MR5230noc/noc#844 Add supplier and resource groups to service model
MR5236Load list fields incrementally on ETL loader.
MR5237Ping's Off Hours Policy
MR5250noc/noc#1559 Add eq - vcfilter to interfaceclassificationrule
MR5254Migrate Service model logical state to worflow.
MR5262fixed field cycling links
MR5263noc/noc#1551 ui: Universal REST API
MR5266Add manual cap to ObjectDetail report.
MR5277Add Workflow to SLAProbe model.
MR5281Bump minor dependencies versions
MR5282noc/noc#1565 Add Label.match_labels decorator.
MR5284geopy 2.1.0
MR5289noc/noc#1564 Add lazy_labels.
MR5298noc-agent: unified error handling
MR5300noc-agent: cpu, fs, memory, network, and uptime collectors
MR5311noc-agent: CLI processing refactoring
MR5315BaseCommand --show-usage option
MR5318Add some pluggable types to test
MR5319noc/noc#1515 Add collect sensor to metrics discovery.
MR5321#1572 Removing update-addr command
MR5322noc-agent: Refactor config processing
MR5323noc-agent: YAML config parser
MR5328noc-agent: Define output format
MR5330Fix etl command return code when error.
MR5331noc-agent: block-io collector
MR5332Add DEFAULT_ZOOM constant.
MR5335Add default x,y location for users in config
MR5336ui: REST API filters
MR5337Login service don't work without liftbridge
MR5338noc-agent: Collector docs
MR5339Add Object, ResourceGroup and Service models to UI.
MR5342docs: theme switcher
MR5345noc-agent: Features compatibility check
MR5347noc/noc#1584 Add summary endpoint to UI API.
MR5348noc-agent: service parameter
MR5350ui: RestAPI router chaining
MR5351ui: sort parameter for the REST API
MR5354noc-agent: Document service parameter
MR5355noc-agent: Refactoring, removing of duplicated code
MR5356noc-agent: Refactor metrics output code
MR5358Liftbridge client: subscribe doesn't block all thread if liftbridge is not available
MR5362login: Mark liftbridge as optional service
MR5365#1589 check delete labels from models
MR5366Fix effective labels
MR5368Add RegexLabels to models
MR5369Add service field to subinterface.
MR5372#1587 creating display_order field of labels
MR5373Move Classification DynamicField to Match Rules.
MR5374noc/noc#1551 Add FilterIn and FilterBool op to UI API.
MR5376Add Platform model to UI.
MR5378Up ManagedObject cache version.
MR5379Fix Maintenance
MR5380Fix FM handler Threshold
MR5381Fix ThresholdProfile to JSON
MR5382fix ignore_cli_errors for snippet and action
MR5383Fix Threshold to json
MR5388Add messages_sent_error metric to kafkasender.
MR5389Change order sync pm.ThresholdProfile collection.
MR5391Add sensor graphs to MO Dash.
MR5393#1590 cleanning label from objects
MR5397Fix Multicast DDash
MR5398Add Tree structure to LabelItem.
MR5401CDAG: probe node
MR5402get_vars() and get_fn() helper functions
MR5403CDAG: metrics node
MR5406CDAG: Graph merging
MR5407cdag: nodes configuration is moved to nodes param
MR5409Add Loader to ReportDataSource
MR5410CDAG: MetricScope factory
MR5412Add service field to SubInterface index.
MR5413metrics service
MR5415Use get_table on ReportDataSource for table_name.
MR5418Add labels field to ETL Service Model.
MR5427Extracting data for division gis model
MR5430Fix @on_delete_check on nested attributes
MR5431CDAG: probe node scale parameter
MR5433Fix AggregatingMergeTree engine to new format.
MR5437Use Scalar as default unit on probe node.
MR5439Move Sensor panel to upper MO dashboard.
MR5440#1598 Extracting data for street gis model
MR5441#1598 Extracting data for Address gis model
MR5444#1598 Extracting data for Building gis model
MR5446Fix AggregatingMergeTree engine to new format.
MR5447#1594 Error radius timeout
MR5448Use send_message from metrics stream.
MR5456Add format report to ReportDataSource.
MR5459Add ability to filter subinterface by VRF
MR5462Clean nri_name field on interface when clean on nri_portmap discovery.
MR5464Mirror to MX metrics use service pub.
MR5465Add convert List value from consul config store.
MR5466#1607 name and short name of admdiv structure
MR5468#1602 loading data GIS models
MR5469#1598 moving Street, Address, Building extractors to fias module
MR5472Update docs about use docker-compose-infra.yml file
MR5474Docker-compose proxy support
MR5479#1598 moving admdiv to fias remote system
MR5480noc-agent: http collector
MR5481noc/noc#1609 Add service field to slaprobe.
MR5482tests: Check @on_delete for ReferenceField
MR5487noc-agent: twamp-sender: Set sender/receiver addresses and ports in Request-Tw-Session
MR5488Add func Escalation Now
MR5489noc-agent: connect twamp-sender socket
MR5490Add summary fields to ReportDatasource.
MR5491noc-agent: RFC-6038 Request-TW-Session packet format and proper padding
MR5492docs: Supported Standards
MR5493Docs: Junos configuration for sender and reflector
MR5496Additional metrics to worker service.
MR5499noc-agent: Configurable TWAMP reflector port request
MR5501Fix shebang in services/metrics/service.py
MR5504#1620 optimization of loading gis data
MR5505Escalate Now(Fix)
MR5507#1572 docs about extracting and loading GIS data
MR5509Add jobs stream to selfmon liftbridge collector.
MR5518mx: Cache stream partitions
MR5519Service: subsribe_stream async_cursors
MR5528Use send instead send_and_wait on kafkasender and add max_batch_size param.
MR5530Add liftbridge to tests
MR5533noc/noc#1581 Add dynamic_classification_policy field to profiles.
MR5535Bump ManagedObject cache version.
MR5537Migrate Report Metrics to Datasource.
MR5538Fix Maintenance if remove all objects and segments
MR5543noc/noc#1498 Add labels and resource_group fields to Interface.
MR5552#1629 fixed web gis address content
MR5553noc-agent: zeroconf integration
MR5554login: Allow querystrings for pinholed endpoints
MR5555Fix ip.so url in Dockerfile
MR5559noc/noc#1576 Add OR Loginc to ResourceGroup Dynamic Classifiacation.
MR5563noc-agent: State processing refactoring
MR5564Add username after force escalate
MR5571noc/noc#1355 Use new dictionaries on BI query.
MR5575noc/noc#1529 Add has_capability to PM Dash for customize dashboard on device caps.
MR5576Add ProjectField to ManagedObject BI model.
MR5578Add Project field to BI ManagedObject extractor.
MR5580noc-agent: modbus_tcp probe
MR5581Collect SLA metrics only probe in productive state.
MR5582Add output to some commands - liftbridge, link, gridvcs.
MR5583Add project field to ObjectDetailReport.
MR5586Add project field to Alarm BI.
MR5590noc-agent: modbus_rtu collector
MR5601noc/noc#1581 Add Dynamic Classification to Interface.
MR5603#1644 visible device's ports links
MR5606Add 'Check address notation' to ModBus collector docs.
MR5620Fix network scan
MR5623noc-agent: Sender
MR5625noc/noc#1498 Add labels to Workflow State.
MR5631noc/noc#1477 Add crossing panel to Inventory panels.
MR5633noc/noc#1647 Add resource_group to selector field models.
MR5634noc-agent: Bump tokio-serial to 5.4
MR5635Bump GRPCIO version to 1.39 .
MR5637Add sensors graph to container dash.
MR5647Check use_mongo for getting MetricStream settings.
MR5648#1586 generation reverse IPv6 DNS zone with hex characters
MR5654fixing tree decorator
MR5656Move sync_object Sensor to change mechanism.
MR5657noc/noc#1653 Add Match Regex to Label.
MR5659noc-agent: timeouts for modbus_rtu and modbus_tcp
MR5661Add defaults to workflow fields.
MR5662noc/noc#1639 Add allowed_async_cursor options to Classifier and Correlator.
MR5666Up ResourceGroup to Inventory Menu.
MR5667Use postgres ArrayField for ObjectIDArrayField field.
MR5668Additional indexes to effective_labels field.
MR5670noc-agent: tokio-modbus 0.5
MR5671Fix ResourceGroup UI formatting.
MR5675changing answer of api/login/token method
MR5677noc/noc#1656 Migrate BI Models to new create syntax
MR5681noc-agent: Restart collectors on configuration change
MR5683Use drop instead of detach when dictionary migrate.
MR5684noc-agent: Send version in the zeroconf requests
MR5685Add Labels and ResourceGroups Reference to ru docs.
MR5686noc/noc#1653 Add Label._refresh_regex_labels method to on_save.
MR5693noc/noc#1576 Auto apply ResourceGroup when changed dynamic rules.
MR5696noc/noc#1565 Add serviceprofile match labels.
MR5698fixing MIB's tree
MR5700noc/noc#1647 Add Migrate InterfaceClassification Rules to Interface Profile Rules.
MR5704Convert MetricsCollector metrics timestamp to localtime.
MR5705noc/noc#1644 Add trace_wire param to find_path function.
MR5706Add agent labels to AgentWorkflow migration.
MR5707Add trap_source_type and syslog_source_type field to ManagedObject ETL.
MR5712Fix ignore pattern
MR5714noc/noc#1661 CDAG: Subgraph node
MR5715Bump django-media to 3.1.8, fix reports images
MR5717noc/noc#1647 Replace ManagedObjectSelector to ResourceGroup on Report.
MR5718noc/noc#1647 Use labels Rules for Interface Classification.
MR5719Add tutorial to ru docs.
MR5721Optimize mongo query in Label.get_instance_profile method.
MR5722Disable on_save interface classification.
MR5723noc/noc#1666 Migrate ManagedObject Capabilities to caps field from ObjectCapabilities.
MR5724Fix ObjectIDArrayField and PydanticField validation.
MR5725noc/noc#1555 Add propagate setting for labels.
MR5729Add index field in sensor model.
MR5743Fix FastAPI Exception error handler for return JSON.
MR5747Migrate ActiveAlarm to new discriminator.
MR5768Add Dynamic Classification Profile docs.
MR5781Set Scale and Units default on UI MetricType form.
MR5785Add Configuration Management docs to background.
MR5791Use JSONEachRow format for metric report query.
MR5797Add Develop Card, Handler docs.
MR5798Fix unsave joblog when empty path
MR5799Add bucket-late and bucket-duration options to ./noc job command for Running Job stat.
MR5800Fix wrong cache use
MR5807Add max_await_time_ms param to datastream service.
MR5808fix network-scan command
MR5811Add SA Profile Docs.
MR5813noc/noc#1686 Speedup Label.get_regex_labels method.
MR5815noc/noc#1686 Speedup calculate ResourceGroup lazy_labels.
MR5817Set open socket timeout for TelnetStream.
MR5818Remove ansible dir from dockerbuild context
MR5820noc/noc#1670 Add object_object_profile field to ReportAlarmDetail.
MR5821VSCode Dev Container
MR5822Save order on ObjectIDArrayField field.
MR5823noc/noc#1697 Add expose_alarm setting to Label.
MR5825correlator: Dispose protocol
MR5830Install necessary extensions into dev container
MR5831Migrate Datastream Service to FastAPI.
MR5835Add topology docs.
MR5841Maintenance Add indexes
MR5843how-to: filter cfg with handlers
MR5847Add Custom docs.
MR5850TGsender added file sending if message length> 4096 / 2
MR5851noc/noc#1701 Use motor for datastream working.
MR5861CDAG: Reduce Node's memory footprint
MR5864Add ETL Docs.
MR5865Add Hidden fields to report.
MR5866Fix issue-1672 Regression in queries to numeric capabilities
MR5868Bump requirements version
MR5870Bump networkx to 2.6.3
MR5878Switch service mib from tornado to FastAPI
MR5880correlator: static groups in raise request
MR5884noc/noc#1552 Add filter_policy param to Datastream API.
MR5885Add Fault Management Background.
MR5889correlator: labels field in dispose protocol
MR5890Add IP type to ConfDB Query params.
MR5894Fix ./noc confdb query output
MR5896noc/noc#817 Add 'noc::is_linked::=' label.
MR5898Save discovery alarms to context.
MR5900CDAG: Use slots for nodes
MR5902Switch service grafanads from tornado to FastAPI
MR5903DistributedLock primitive
MR5904Fix mongodb repl init
MR5905noc/noc#1721 Add AlarmGroup filter.
MR5906Fix mongodb replkey init
MR5912Switch service mrt from tornado to FastAPI
MR5913noc/noc#1724 Add condition to FirmwarePolicy.
MR5916docker Fix 3.9 path
MR5919Add Clear/Raise Alarm Link Down for Status Discovery
MR5920Escalation: total summaries
MR5922Bump jinja requirements.
MR5923Update title comments in modules of recently modified services
MR5924Alarm Groups: Update summary
MR5929Switch service selfmon from tornado to FastAPI
MR5931Add firmware policy labels
MR5933Locks: Prevent nested usage
MR5934Add firmwarepolicy docs
MR5936metrics: Deduplicate probes and sender configs
MR5937metrics: Deduplicate config for clones
MR5940CDAG: Optimize subscribers memory footprint
MR5942CDAG: Reduce string memory usage
MR5943Switch service sae from tornado to FastAPI
MR59442.5GBASE-T and 5GBASE-T inventory protocols
MR5946clean input field value
MR5947CDAG: Optimize subscriber memory layout
MR5948CDAG: API Cleanup
MR5950Add is_fatal label to Alarm.
MR5951Optimize the use of the api variable
MR5952Change in RPCProxy content-type from text/json to application/json
MR5953CDAG: Remove _inputs structure
MR5957noc/noc#1671 Add L2Domain VC Migrations.
MR5964Bump FastAPI
MR5967Fix bug
MR5970metrics: Persistent state storage
MR5972Switch services syslogcollector and trapcollector from tornado to FastAPI
MR5974Manual add deploy noc
MR5975Config: Rename metrics section to perfomance
MR5977noc/noc#1735 SAE. Not use executor for get_object_data.
MR5978Speedup getting ManagedObject labels.
MR5982CDAG: alarm node
MR5983Switch service bi from tornado to FastAPI
MR5986upd(doc): removed documetation for unused service nsq
MR5988Speedup interface eff labels
MR5992Propagate labels on FirmwarePolicy.
MR5993upd(doc): added reference to service doc in config doc
MR5994Add Close link down alarm if Admin Down
MR5997FirmWarePolicy. Invalidate credential cache when change access settings.
MR6011noc/noc#1752 escalator: Reescalate not closed alarms
MR6014noc/noc#1754 Bump FastAPI to 0.71.0
MR6017Fix TGSender service
MR6018noc/noc#1764 Migrate uplinks, rca_neighbors field to ManagedObject.
MR6023Implement service NBI - API config
MR6027noc/noc#1765 Add LabelParameter and LabelListParameter to sa interfaces.
MR6028Add ac.recover_time to escalation check delay.
MR6031invalidate_cache on ResourceGroup change.
MR6032Add Alarm Group Labels settings.
MR6033noc/noc#1765 Add Labels fields to SA Interface.
MR6036Add metrics stream settings.
MR6039Add update effective_labels on update_if_changed.
MR6042Validate report interval must be positive.
MR6048prefer_site_packages helper
MR6049Fix PYTHONPATH in docker container
MR6052Add more speed types for SFP
MR6056Migrate to demjson3
MR6060noc/noc#1770 Add affected_maintenances field to managed_object.
MR6061noc/noc#1779 Add directed_services to ActiveAlarm.
MR6064noc/noc#1764 Fix update path on ManagedObject save.
MR6068Migrate refbook downloaders to common loaders interface
MR6072Optimize query on Report Moved MAC for reduce memory consumption.
MR6075Speedup Alarm Outage card.
MR6081noc/noc#1454 Catch ErrorMessageSizeExceeded for LiftBridge client 'Sent message larger than max' error.
MR6092noc/noc#1220 Fix Allocate VLAN API.
MR6103noc/noc#1659 /aaa/group/lookup set limit param
MR6105Disable AlarmDiagnostic Script for unmanaged object.
MR6107Clear Interface alarm on delete
MR6109noc/noc#1726 Add works Alarm Component from custom.
MR6110noc/noc#1668 Additional mongo fatal errors.
MR6112Additional cache to periodic discovery.
MR6117noc/noc#1135 Additional fatal PostgresSQL errors.
MR6119Bump jinja2 to 3.0.3.
MR6124noc/noc#449 Add links field to ManagedObject.
MR6125Remove ctl API from schema.
MR6126noc/noc#1792 Add exclude_labels match field to AlarmRule.
MR6127Add response_model_exclude_none param to FastAPI NBI route.
MR6132noc/noc#1585 Add check exception when message from stream processed.
MR6133Service NBI - remove get_handler in objectstatus API
MR6139Additional Report Datasources
MR6140Add error response description to NBI.
MR6141Use Service component on Calculated Alarm affected_services.
MR6146Add DCHP and Radius metric graph template.
MR6148Fix Escalation
MR6149Migrate noc.core.span to ContextVar
MR6151Add type annotations to JSON collection support methods
MR6153Add HTTPError handler OAuth formatter to FastAPI
MR6158Allow to raise alarms on BI ID
MR6162Migrate noc.core.script.caller to ContextVar
MR6164Migrate noc.core.script.oidrules.loader to ContextVar
MR6167Extend description field in peer models
MR6168Add cfgmomapping Datastream.
MR6169Make zero a valid ASN-number
MR6170SNMP on Script set get_tables bulk param to None (for Capabilities use).
MR6173noc/noc#1788 Add periodic_discovery_mac_filter_policy to ManagedObjectProfile for MAC Discovery.
MR6174add to ddash Subscribers | L2TP
MR6175Switch service classifier from tornado to FastAPI
MR6180Switch service card from tornado to FastAPI
MR6181Fix liftbridge migrate in docker-compose
MR6183Add respond to alerts
MR6184Fix docs monitoring noc escaping
MR6185Docs retention db
MR6187Events clean command add relative date parametr
MR6192Add default Scale to MetricType.
MR6194Shadow credential on script debug.
MR6196noc/noc#1803 Reworked MetricAction Settings.
MR6198Add ReportDsAlarms.
MR6200Require cmd param on commands argument subparser.
MR6201Additional logging to interface discovery classification.
MR6204Add query_sync method to BaseDataSource.
MR6207Add time_delta to MetricStream.
MR6209Add strict parameter to get_argument Card method. Not raise HTTPExeption if False.
MR6210noc/noc#1811 Add resolve alarm labels to vars.
MR6213Add on_change to Serivce model.
MR6215noc/noc#1635 Add Interface MACs Stat DS report datasource.
MR6216#1739: Move maintenance checking from the escalation lock
MR6217#1804 Clearing alarms from web interface sends message to correlator
MR6219noc/noc#1728 Add VLAN Filter and Prefix Filter to Labels.
MR6223noc/noc#1777 Move shutdown_subscriptions before dcs deregister.
MR6224noc/noc#1761 Cleanup buffer on cli parse_object_stream when cli error.
MR6228Add service field to Clickhouse interface Dictionary.
MR6232Update docs about monitoring-noc
MR6233Bump managedobject cache version.


MR3477Fix IPAM prefix validation
MR3558Add refresh_object ServiceSummary to nri_service.
MR4309noc/noc#1385 alarm sound notification fixed
MR4653Fix 'ifanme' typo on interfaceclassificationrule.
MR4656Fix MatchVLAN ConfDB function for list vlan id.
MR4667Fix fm_pool resolve for ETL MO loader.
MR4674Fix networkx partially initialized module 'networkx' has no attribute 'utils'.
MR4676Fix 'LDAPSocketReceiveError' object has no attribute 'message'.
MR4683Fix add on Object reset_data.
MR4686fix for inline grid, use in #maintenance.maintenance
MR4711noc/noc#1444 Fix trace get_confdb_query on empty ManagedObjectSelector.
MR4720Fix liftbridge alter
MR4729noc/noc#1449 Fix calculate lag_us metric on classifier.
MR4735Send reclassify event to liftbridge.
MR4772Fix typo on ifdesc discovery maybe_create_interface.
MR4783Fix trace when service without subscriber.
MR4786noc/noc#1448 Fix neighbor search on OAM Topology discovery.
MR4800Fix duplicate when collected subinterface metrics
MR4825noc/noc#1470 Fix managedobjectselector.get_confdb_query filter tags trace.
MR4837Fix empty vendor, platform and version on reboot message.
MR4850noc/noc#1476 Fix password change
MR4890Fix Clickhouse datetime datetime filed value.
MR4895Fix GeoCoderResult defaults optional value.
MR4922Fix ManagedObject card for service.
MR4943noc/noc#1473 Move get_leader_channel to try block. For catch connection exception.
MR4945Fix Maintenance
MR4952Fix Maintenance2
MR4955Fix Maintenance3
MR4963Fix ObjectModelSensor.json_data return.
MR4967Fix alarm API 'dictionary changed size during iteration' trace.
MR4975noc/noc#1404 add comment icon & fix for IE 11
MR5007Fix inject-event command for sending to liftbridge.
MR5008noc/noc#1512 Bump grpc to 1.35.
MR5015comment message html encoded
MR5025noc/noc#1404 Fix alarm comments count config
MR5034noc/noc#1513 Fix deadlock when Discovery import ActiveAlarm from umbrella.
MR5054Fix typing requirements
MR5056Fix auto_compress param on Service Stub.
MR5096Bump pojson to 0.7 for py3 support
MR5114Fix etl object loader change_object method. When delete data reset only RemoteSystem scope.
MR5117Fix CSV export
MR5118Fix default bounds on geocoder.
MR5126Fix state filed on VRF form.
MR5133add Content-type
MR5138Fix get_shortest_path function for ManagedObject goal use
MR5142chwriter: Commit cursor on every flush
MR5153Path uncol fm event
MR5165Fix path to scripts docs
MR5166noc/noc#1527 Fix match_condition json field on AlarmClass form
MR5166noc/noc#1527 Fix match_condition json field on AlarmClass form
MR5168Set uvicorn Config loop to none.
MR5173Bump ManagedObject cache version (for update Django)
MR5174Add state_handler to PhoneNumber and PhoneRange backend.
MR5189Fix ReportContainer datasource for new Object schema.
MR5190Fix ReportObjectDetailApplication from tags to labels.
MR5193noc/noc#1498 Add tags aliases to ManagedObejct etl model.
MR5220Fix typo on PM distributed migrate.
MR5226Fix labels on get_metrics scripts.
MR5255Remove bi_id from Workflow Editor save config.
MR5261Fix textindex import
MR5268Fix 'Subscribers by slot' graph template.
MR5280ssh: Allow none authentication method
MR5290Fix ReportContainerData datasource.
MR5299noc-agent: Fix stubs
MR5334Fix view IPAM
MR5341Fix Convert PM
MR5346Fix use ops when calculate get_total_items.
MR5352Fix ServiceSummary for service state workflow.
MR5357Fix migrate default label.
MR5367Fix UpdateOne operations
MR5370Fix field name 'label' on extmodelapplication.
MR5375Fix metrics threshold if w_value eq 0
MR5396noc/noc#991 Add clean dot notation to RDParameter.
MR5405Fix iter_effective_labels method on Sensor model.
MR5414Fix UI Platform Model snmp_sysobjectid type.
MR5416Fix custom_conditions on ReportDatasourceMetrics.
MR5419Add workflow state field to ignored.
MR5420Fix typo in Service UI labels query.
MR5425Move Labels rename protected to clean method.
MR5426Fix CHTableReportDataSource group interval query.
MR5442Filter empty traffic_class and queue value from interface graph.
MR5450Fix ts field on CHTableReportDataSource.
MR5458Fix typo on ReportDatasources.
MR5485Fix typo
MR5515Fix AlarmReports with core.tagfield
MR5517Fix strem cursor_name on selfmon liftbridge.
MR5521noc/noc#1627 Fix levelFilter on UI Service.
MR5561Fix export combo field on objectmodel.
MR5584noc/noc#1583 Fix rx_oper_splitter regex on fm.alarm application.
MR5589Fix apply bulk field for lookup API.
MR5605Fix select detection on CreateConnectionForm UI.
MR5614noc/noc#1637 Fix detect status on UI ManagedObject List.
MR5639Fix API for data clean on Inventory Data panel.
MR5644restore state combo tree fixed
MR5645Fix ddash template for links.
MR5650Fix ReportObjectDetail container location.
MR5651noc/noc#1652 Remove url excess param user and password from chwriter POST Clickhouse query.
MR5652Fix access permission for alarm api_list API.
MR5669Fix alarmescalation typo.
MR5674Fix PM Dash discovery interval type.
MR5680Use drop instead of detach when dictionary migrate.
MR5694label tooltip fixed
MR5726trapcollector: Fix failed trap error report
MR5730Fix ping service set status.
MR5731BER: Check for TLV length overrun
MR5733Add ExtNRILink to model.py
MR5737Fix availability calculate on reports.
MR5741Apply regex label when create.
MR5742Fix typo on AlarmClass get_discriminator.
MR5751Fix check changed fields when create.
MR5758Fix _refresh_regex_labels for documents query.
MR5764noc/noc#1055 Fix IPv6 addresses discovery on DHCP error.
MR5765noc/noc#1580 Fix activealarm object typo.
MR5774Skipping PoP without level on pop_links.
MR5776noc/noc#1674 ActiveAlarm._get_path_summary_bulk fix KeyError if Root alarm already closed.
MR5777Fix report__label field on ReportSubscription UI.
MR5778Fix datastream changed_fields when create instance.
MR5783Fix circular references on ObjectConnection model.
MR5802segment map fixed
MR5805Fix script name param on json.
MR5806noc/noc#1687 Fix ReportContainer datasource for container address.
MR5809Resolve "Migrate-liftbridge should create all streams with at least 1 partition"
MR5812Fix min_subscribers and min_objects filter on ReportAlarmDetail report.
MR5816Fix Alarms App getting location from None object.
MR5848noc/noc#1704 Fix ReportLastChanges.
MR5858Check broken alarms when AlarmClass Reference migration.
MR5860Fix trace when remove address from trap/syslog source.
MR5867Rust: Fix benchmarks
MR5871Fix caps migration typo.
MR5891Fix calculate effective_labels.
MR5892noc/noc#1552 Set DatastreamClient filter_policy to delete on Collectors.
MR5893Fix format_table
MR5907rename alarm_id field for ReportAlarmDetail.
MR5914Fix cache and query on correlator resolve_deferred_groups.
MR5917Fix Interface.iter_effective_labels labels filter.
MR5921Remove 'Alarm Group Default' migration.
MR5926Fix reset is_linked labels.
MR5930Fix Alarm UI show groups.
MR5963Fix VC migration.
MR5968Fixes some L2Domain errors.
MR5969Fix index error on VC migration.
MR5979Check broken Aggregated interface when managedobject datastream build.
MR5980noc/noc#1748 Fix VLAN discovery ConfDB enable check.
MR5981Fix Interface.iter_effective_labels typo.
MR5984login api header fixed
MR5987noc/noc#1753 Skip non-escalated elements for appending comment.
MR5989Fix classifier xrulelookup.
MR5999noc/noc#1758 Fix dereference error when create interface.
MR6002Fix unhashable type: 'Firmware'.
MR6003noc/noc#1761 Fix use buffer variable instead self.buffer on cli for check error.
MR6004noc/noc#1760 Fix Partial Import on Firmware.
MR6005noc/noc#1744 Fix typo on AS UI Model.
MR6007noc/noc#1540 Remove transform_query from Syslog BI field.
MR6013noc/noc#1352 Cleanup aggregated_interface reference if Interface delete.
MR6015Fix l2domain save.
MR6020Fix KeyError on AlarmHeat card.
MR6022Fix Duplicate vlan on vc-vlan migration.
MR6025Fix IPAM QuickJump.
MR6037noc/noc#1776 Add watch_escalation to check consequence policy.
MR6055Fix Subscribers Total Graph.
MR6057Fix typo in field name in Report MovedMac.
MR6071Fix uplinks use on Report Discovery Topology Problem.
MR6074Fix recursion in Alarm Card.
MR6091noc/noc#1786 Fix method on change_credentials to PUT.
MR6104Fix typo in getting object uplinks.
MR6118Fix config_from_settings method on SLAProfile.
MR6120Fix alarmheat memory leak.
MR6121Fix ConfDB query chart
MR6156Catch 'Invalid Script' error on AlarmDiagnostiConfig.
MR6157noc/noc#1705 Catch LiftBridge cluster error when request metadata.
MR6166Send post_save on ensure_platform.
MR6203#1808: Avoid endless loop in Vendor.ensure_vendor
MR6208Fix object_field on ReportAvailability.
MR6214Fix ReportAlarmDetail output name format.
MR6221#1817 Fallback to VERSION if git is broken
MR6234Fix calculate effective_labels for Classification Rule.
MR6235Not send quit on parse_object when error.
MR6239Fix get_active_maintenance on ManagedObject to new format.
MR6240Fix dynamic_order field work on profile label classification.

Code Cleanup

MR4668Add discovery interval for ddashs
MR4675Fix lint errors
MR4695Remove connectiontype uuid check xfail
MR4697NOC 20.4.1 Release Notes
MR4698NOC 20.3.1 Release Notes
MR4699NOC 20.2.3 Release Notes
MR4739Add typing to udpserver.
MR4774Fix mermaid diagrams
MR4778Remove unused documentation files
MR4812docs: Fixes
MR4823Fix docs typos
MR4833Documentation cleanup
MR4844Cleanup docs
MR4846NOC 20.4.3 Release Notes
MR5026Fix flake on events
MR5095Fix some typo in UI label
MR5113Fix flake on translation command.
MR5131Speedup etl loader
MR5182NOC 20.4.4 Release Notes
MR5205Docs style cleanup
MR5212noc-agent: Fix clippy warnings
MR5228Fix FM threshold handler to labels.
MR5267Revert mailsender attachment encode.
MR5271docs: Cleanup config reference section
MR5272Cleanup pmwriter mentions
MR5273Deprecated code cleanup: noc.lib.pyquote, noc.lib.widgets
MR5274Deprecated code cleanup: noc.lib.utils
MR5286service: Remove deprecated leader_group_name attribute.
MR5292service: Cleanup unused NSQ support code
MR5312./noc ping: Remove tornado usage
MR5313consul: Remove duplicated code
MR5326noc-agent: Refactor zk module into config
MR5333noc-agent: Make clippy happy
MR5343docs: Fix missed ToC items
MR5353noc-agent: Code cleanup
MR5478Fix flake.
MR5508Cleanup bi_id field on Division.
MR5510Use Scalar measurement for unknown sensor.
MR5557Patch label field validation
MR5567Fix dictionary changes format send to clickhouse.
MR5579Comment strange worked code.
MR5593Remove NSQ
MR5622Fix typo in MetricType.iter_changed_datastream.
MR5646noc/noc#1647 Remove selector fields from models.
MR5665Remove network segment.selector use on NetworkMap.
MR5744Fix imports
MR5760Add inv.Interface to LABEL_MODELS.
MR5829correlator: Refactor alarm rising
MR5839Fix Hostname typo.
MR5888Remove python 3.7 support
MR5911Fix interface 'circular import' on ManagedObject.
MR5938noc/noc#1732 Use items instead consequences on escalation_doc.
MR5945Fix ObjectDetail Report config last ts
MR5958Migrate profiles prompt to re binary format part 1.
MR5959Migrate profile re patterns to binary form part 2.
MR5960Migrate profile re patterns to binary form part 3.
MR5962Fix cmp_version method for profiles.
MR5966ConfDB: Documentation stylistic cleaning
MR6008noc/noc#611 Switch correlator.topology_rca_window param to SecondsParameter.
MR6038Fix typo on interface discovery
MR6065Migrate calculators to loader framework
MR6142Migrate selfmon loader to core loader.
MR6154Rewrite label methods for model working.
MR6163Migrate ManagedObjectProfile metrics PickledField to JSONB.
MR6197noc/noc#1801 Cleanup sa.ObjectData from on_delete_check ManagedObject.
MR6231Clear ManagedObject cache when update AffectedMaintenance.
MR6237Fix migrate maintenance AffectedObjects if already filled.


MR5727Update ResourceGroup translation.
MR5728Fix tower doc links
MR5734Add FM Event classification rules part4.
MR5736Add Trap Classifiaction rules part 5.
MR5738Fix the graph of the total subscribers
MR5748Fix ansible changed_when
MR5755Remove ObjectCapabilities use from report and Fix ReportSubscription.

Profile Changes


MR5819Update Alcatel.7302 profile
MR5842Fix Alcatel.7302.get_interfaces script
MR5846Fix Alcatel.7302.get_interfaces script
MR5863Update Alcatel.7302 profile
MR5876Update Alcatel.7302 profile
MR5879add metrics Alcatel.7302
MR6160Alcatel.7302 Add NFXS-B platform slot.


MR4661noc/noc#1181 Alstec.24xx.get_interfaces. Add SNMP and fix getting last 3 interface mac and description.
MR5436Alstec.24xx.get_inventory. Add sensors.
MR5753Alsctec.24xx.get_metrics. Skip N/A on metric value.
MR6045Alstec.24xx.get_interfaces. Catch not supported 'show port description' command.


MR4604Cisco.IOS: HSRP/VRRP interfaces collection
MR4893Cisco.IOS. Fix ConfDB normalizer.
MR4954Cisco.IOS fix get_interfaces rx_sh_int for management port
MR5093fix Cisco.IOS.get_version for WS-C650X platform
MR5093fix Cisco.IOS.get_version for WS-C650X platform
MR5421Cisco.IOS.get_interfaces. Fix empty upper vlans bank when use SNMP.
MR5602Cisco.IOS. Add '802.1Q vLAN subif' to convert_interface_name.
MR5786Cisco.IOS.get_version - support for Cisco 9300 ver 17
MR6001Fix Cisco.IOS.get_inventory script
MR6040Cisco.IOS.get_version. Fix ASR1006 SNMP version regex for 15.2(20150718) format.
MR6111noc/noc#1742 Add get_interface_names use to CDP discovery.
MR6179Update Cisco.IOS profile
MR6202noc/noc#1373 Cisco.IOS.get_inventory. Fix detect stack for 'Switch 1' inventory name.


MR4466HundredEthernet to CISCO_IOSXR Profile


MR4713DLink.DxS.get_metrics. Add 'Interface | Speed' metric to script.
MR4750DLink.DxS.get_metrics. Fix typo ifindex.
MR4826DLink.DxS.get_metrics. Skip None interface speed metric value.
MR5037Add 'Metrics | OID | CPU | Usage | Value' to DLink DxS CPU metrics.
MR5075Fix DLink.DxS.get_interfaces script
MR5086#1519 Error script get_interface in SA profile DLink.DxS "KeyError: 'asymmetric_vlan'"
MR5545Fix DLink.DxS.get_mac_address_table script
MR5853Add support for DES-1210 A1 series
MR6115Fix DLink.DxS profile
MR6230Dlink.DxS. Disable get_port pager on DES1210 6.10 fw.


MR4939Fix EdgeCore.ES.get_version script
MR5265Fix EdgeCore.ES.get_version script
MR5296fix get_inventory EdgeCore.ES
MR5302EdgeCore.ES. Fix scripts for ECS4660-28F model.
MR5790EdgeCore.ES.get_lldp_neighbors. LLDP Prefer.


MR4657Eltex.MES. Fix ConfDB Normalizer interface description.
MR4872noc/noc#1511 Eltex.MES. Add Interface QOS metrics
MR4966Eltex.MES. Fix untagged interface normalizer trace.
MR5002Eltex.MES. Fix confdb untagged vlan fix.
MR5033Fix Eltex.MES.get_lldp_neighbors script
MR5055Eltex.MES. Fix QOS queue metrics.
MR5629Fix Eltex.MES.get_capabilities script
MR5720add stack interfaces Eltex.MES
MR5792add stack interfaces Eltex.MES
MR5985Fix Eltex.MES profile
MR6041Eltex.MES. Add MES-3324F rev B platform.
MR6050Eltex.MES. Fix detect profile typo.
MR6205Eltex.MES. Fix ConfDB interface name format.


MR4797fix "enabled" in get_interfaces Eltex.MES24xx
MR4953Fix Eltex.MES24xx.get_lldp_neighbors script
MR5014add tengigabitethernet interfaces Eltex.MES24xx
MR5449Eltex.MES24xx.get_interfaces. Prefer SNMP use for MES 14xx/24xx
MR5541Fix Eltex.MES24xx.get_inventory script
MR5544Fix Eltex.MES24xx.get_lldp_neighbors script
MR5827Fix Eltex.MES24xx.get_chassis_id script


MR5325fix get_lldp_neighbors Extreme.XOS
MR5422Extreme.XOS.get_lldp_neighbors. Fix space in remote_port_id.


MR3578Generic.get_metrics. Disable DOM metrics by default.
MR5017Generic.get_lldp_neighbors. Remove bulk argument.
MR5018Generic.get_interfaces. Use ifindex if it not in pid-ifindex mappings.
MR5404Generic.get_metrics. Add SENSOR_OID_SCALE param.
MR5434Generic.get_lldp_neighbors. Fix trace wnen local_id not in names.
MR5621Add sysObjectID Capabilities.
MR5630Fix Generic.get_mpls_vpn script
MR5789Fix Generic.get_mpls_vpn script
MR5961Generic.get_interfaces. Add vlan_ids for Vlan interface.
MR6019Jnuiper.JUNOS. Fix detect aggregate interface on SNMP.
MR6058Generic.get_ip_discovery. Fix typo in VRF.
MR6073Generic.get_lldp_neighbors. get_interface_properties use instead get_ifindexes.


MR4532fix for H3C.VRP.get_portchannel script
MR4973H3C fix version matchers regex
MR4974H3C added Serial port type
MR5077fix get_version for old H3C Quidway Router AR18-20


MR4537fix for HP A-MSR20-21 (v5.20) - no command display link-aggregation
MR4634HP.Comware. Fix prompt for hpe.
MR5260fix HP.Comware get_config and get_interfaces for Release 2209Pxx
MR5314fix HP.Comware get serial number


MR5090change ProCurve get_version script
MR5856Fix HP.ProCurve.get_lldp_neighbors script


MR4760Huawei.MA5600T. Add 'Environment | Temperature' metric.
MR4891Add tunnel type to Huawei.MA5600T.get_interfaces script
MR5548Huawei.MA5600T.get_capabilities. Fix error when detect slot_temperature caps.
MR5775Huawei.MA5600T. Fix empty result on hw_slots oid generator.
MR6182add sensors Huawei.MA5600T
MR6190fix sensors Huawei.MA5600T


MR4597Huawei.VRP: add VRRP interfaces collection
MR4662Huawei.VRP.get_version. Fix detect 'S5600-HI' platform.
MR4759Huawei.VRP.get_version. Fix parse_serial for SNMP only devices.
MR4915Huawei.VRP.get_inventory: Terminate CLI session on S77xx platforms
MR4921Huawei.VRP.get_inventory: Terminate CLI session on S127xx platforms
MR5076fix get_version regex for old Huawei VRP AR18-30E
MR5256Huawei.VRP.get_metrics. Fix 'Subscribers | Summary' metric.
MR5278Huawei.VRP Add get_sla_probes script on SNMP.
MR5301Add 'Interface | CBQOS' metric.
MR5305Add types mac addresses: sticky|authen|sec-config for get_mac_address_table Huawei.VRP
MR5384Add more interface types to Huawei.VRP profile
MR5408Huawei.VRP.get_metrics. Add collect CBQOS metrics from hwCBQoSClassifierStatisticsTable
MR5540fix metric "Memory | Usage" Huawei.VRP
MR5750Huawei.VRP.get_inventory. Fix empty slot trace.


MR6043Iskratel.MSAN. Add SNMP proto to profile.
MR6046Fix agent migration typo.
MR6176fix pattern_more Iskratel.MSAN


MR4898Fix Juniper.JUNOS.get_chassis_id script
MR4936Fix Juniper.JUNOS RPM probes
MR5001Juniper.JUNOS.get_capabilities. Catch SNMP error on capabilities.
MR5051fix metrics_subscribers Juniper.Junos
MR5110Juniper.JunOS. Fix ConfDB normalizer for vlan_id 'none'.
MR5392Juniper.JUNOS. Add COS metrics.
MR5759noc/noc#1638 Juniper.JUNOS. Fix get_interface_type for ConfDB use.
MR6123Fix bug in some JUNOS versions


MR4935MikroTik.RouterOS.get_mac_address_table - Ignore vlan-id=0
MR5019MikroTik.RouterOS.get_mac_address_table. Fix black.
MR5542Fix parsing in lines in MikroTik.RouterOS profile


MR5239Update sa/profiles/NAG/SNR/profile.py
MR5445Fix NAG.SNR.get_interfaces script


MR5438NSN.TIMOS.get_interfaces. Fix re_lag_split regex for 21. version.
MR5461NSN.TIMOS.get_lldp_neighbors. Rewrite fixme port function.
MR5875update NSN.TIMOS
MR5927fix get_chassis_id NSN.TIMOS
MR6165NSN.TIMOS.get_interfaces. Fix vrf detected.
MR6171NSN.TIMOS. Fix convert_interface_name.
MR6191NSN.TIMOS. Fix detect get interface type.


MR4993Orion.NOS. Add get_fqdn script.
MR5303Orion.NOS. Fix regex version.
MR5467Update Orion.NOS profile


MR6238Qtech.QSW2800. Add fix_platform method for custom use.


MR5854Fix Raisecom.ROS.get_version script


MR5451Fix SKS.SKS.get_config script
MR5604Fix get config sks.sks
MR5877Update SKS.SKS profile
MR5901Fix SKS.SKS.get_version script
MR6044SKS.SKS. Add violative config regex for 'SKS-16E1-IP-ES-L'.
MR6053SKS.SKS.get_lldp_neighbors. Reduce interface count for getting neighbors info.


MR5091Fix Ubiquiti.AirOS.get_version script
MR5780Ubiquity.AirOS.get_version. Rocket 5AC Lite fix.


MR4276Fix ZTE.ZXA10.get_interafces script
MR5006Fix ZTE.ZXA10.get_interface script
MR5029Fix ZTE.ZXA.get_interfaces script
MR5101Fix ZTE.ZXA10.get_inventory script
MR5483Add ZTE.ZXA10.get_ifindexes script
MR5801Update ZTE.ZXA10 profile
MR5810Update ZTE.ZXA10 profile
MR5814Update ZTE.ZXA10 profile
MR5840Update ZTE.ZXA10 profile
MR6095Update ZTE.ZXA10 profile
MR6137Fix ZTE.ZXA10.get_interfaces script
MR6189add sensors ZTE.ZXA10


MR6131Fix Zyxel.MSAN.get_inventory script


MR3701fix for NXOS: CLI commands + get serial numbers
MR4606Polygon: get serial number by CLI
MR4639Add AltLinux profile
MR4646Profile linux astra
MR4647Profile OpenWRT linux
MR4827Beward.BD. Add check confdb NTP address.
MR4847Profile: Qtech.QFC QFC-LIGHT v2
MR4870add metrics "Subscribers | Summary" port and slot Alcatel.TIMOS
MR4877Cisco.WLC. Fix pattern_more prompt.
MR4885add_metrics Eltex.TAU
MR4888get_fqdb add some profiles
MR4899noc/noc#1464 Update Eltex.TAU profile
MR4914Fix Controllers profile
MR4926Fix Eltex.MA4000.get_interfaces script
MR4927Update Eltex.SMG profile
MR4937Cisco.NXOS added Loopback interface type
MR4950Fix Eltex.MA4000 inventory
MR4979fix metrics "Subscribers | Summary" Alcatel.TIMOS
MR4983Add Eltex.TAU.get_lldp_neighbors script
MR5003ZTE.ZXR10. Fixes for 2928E V2.05.10B26.
MR5011Qtech.QFC. Add custom SNMP parser.
MR5036Angtel.Topaz. Fix convert_interface_name for vlan.
MR5039Qtech.QSW8200. Add new OS supported.
MR5050fix2 metrics "Subscribers | Summary" Alcatel.TIMOS
MR5061Update AlliedTelesis.AT8100 profile
MR5078DCN.DCWL.get_interfaces. Exclude MAC "00:AA:BB:CC:DD:13" from output.
MR5087Profile: Cisco.NXOS fix get_switchport and profile
MR5092Fix Telindus.SHDSL.get_interfaces script
MR5125fix metrics_Eltex.TAU
MR5143Fix Qtech.QSW8200.get_lldp_neighbors script
MR5251Fix metrics eltex.tau
MR5252Fix Eltex.ESR.get_interfaces script
MR5344Fix Multicast ddash and IPQAM get_metrics
MR5359Qtech.QFC. Add model.
MR5360Ttronics.KUB Add get_inventory script.
MR5361Rotek.BT. Add get_inventory.
MR5363ElectronR.KO01M. Add get_inventory script.
MR5394Huawei.VRP3. Fix scripts for MA5303 version.
MR5400Update Eltex.LTE profile
MR5432Qtech.QFC.get_inventory. Fix SNMP sensors oid.
MR5511Qtech.BFC_PBIC_S. Add get_inventory.
MR5534Dlink.dxs smart some fixes
MR5546Fix Eltex.LTE.get_interfaces script
MR5566Rotek.BT. Rename sensor temp to temp_out.
MR5569Fix Nateks.NetXpert.get_lldp_neighbors script
MR5574Fix for dxs 1210 10ts
MR5587Qtech.BFC_PBIC_S.get_inventory. Fix sensors value.
MR5588ElectronR.KO01M.get_inventory. Fix detect current sensor mode.
MR5612Fix Qtech.QSW8200.get_lldp_neighbors script
MR5613Fix ZTE.ZXR10.get_version script
MR5618Rotek.RTBSv1.get_capabilities. Add custom enterprise_id get.
MR5627Add ZTE.ZXR10 profilecheckrule
MR5628Update Vitesse.VSC profile
MR5658Update DLink.DxS_Industrial_CLI profile
MR5749DLink.DIR.login. Fix return result.
MR5754Qtech.BFC_PBIC_S.get_interface_status_ex. Fix reference before assignment.
MR5756Sumavision.IPQAM.get_metrics. Add interface channel and group check for getting metrics.
MR5757Rotek.BT.get_metrics. Fix getting non-ports metric.
MR5767Fix Qtech.QSW8200.get_interfaces script
MR5769Sumavision.IPQAM.get_uptime. Fix uptime multiplier to 0.00125
MR5782Sumavision.IPQAM.get_metrics. Fix collect Multicast Group metrics for group more than 10.
MR5803Update BDCOM.xPON profile
MR5834noc/noc#1232 Iskratel.ESCOM. Add LACP support.
MR5852Add DAS-4192 support
MR5855Fix Rotek.RTBSv1.ping script
MR5941Fix DLink.DAS profile
MR6009noc/noc#1541 Cisco.SMB.get_interfaces. Add SNMP.
MR6024Add support for CData.xPON profile
MR6054Rotek.BT. Add support 4250LSR platform.
MR6067CData.xPON Suppress warnings
MR6069Fix Eltex.MA4000.get_inventory script
MR6129Update Eltex.MES5448 profile
MR6130Fix NSCComm.LPOS profile
MR6144Fix ECI.HiFOCUS.get_interfaces script
MR6159fix get.capabilities Eltex.MA4000
MR6178Add Eltex.LTE SysUptime snmp metric
MR6188add sensors ZTE.ZXDSL98xx

Collections Changes

MR4401sa.profilecheckrules: ZTE | ZXA10 | C320 sysObjectID
MR4415sa.profilecheckrules: Huawei | MA | MA5801 sysObjectID
MR4690sa.profilecheckrules: Rotek | ROS | RS-I-2308FE-PoE sysObjectID
MR4741Fyx typo 'desciption' -> 'description'
MR4753Add Zhone platform.
MR4754Add SecurityCode, Sterra, TTRonics vendors.
MR4757Add some SNR models
MR4763Fix BI uuid generate on save.
MR4768Add Time Interconnect QSFP+ DAC
MR4781Add Huawei CAB-10G-CU5M
MR4785Add luxshare ict dac
MR4835classifier: Optimized event suppression
MR4841created file collections/inv.objectmodels/FANGHANG/Transceiver/10G/FH-DP1T30SS03.json
MR4856inv.objectmodels: FANG HANG | Transceiver | 10G | FH-SPB321TCDL20
MR4858inv.objectmodels: FANG HANG | Transceiver | 1G | FH-SB5312CDS20
MR4859inv.objectmodels: FANG HANG | Transceiver | 1G | FH-SB3512CDS20
MR4860inv.objectmodels: Finisar | Transceiver | 10G | FTLX1475D3BCL
MR4862inv.objectmodels: Hisense | Transceiver | GPON | LTE3680M-BC+
MR4863inv.objectmodels: MlaxLink | Transceiver | 1G | ML-30T
MR4864inv.platforms: Eltex MES-2324B
MR4865inv.platforms: Eltex MES-3324
MR4928Update Cisco.NXOS FM rules
MR4930Fix Eltex.MA4000 objectmodel
MR4981Profile: IPQAM
MR4989IPQAM: Fix profile, ddash
MR4998inv.objectmodels: Huawei | CloudEngine | PAC600S12-CB
MR4999inv.objectmodels: Huawei | CloudEngine | S6330-H24X6C
MR5000inv.objectmodels: Huawei | CloudEngine | S6330-H48X6C
MR5009noc/noc#1511 Add queue and traffic_class to Interface Scope path.
MR5010noc/noc#1507 Add port to Subscriber Scope path.
MR5028DLink DGS-1210-28_C1, DES-1210-52P, DES-1210-52_C1, DGS-1500-20, DXS-1210-10TC profile check rules
MR5063inv.objectmodels: FANG HANG | Transceiver | 10G | FH-SPB231TCDL20
MR5064inv.objectmodels: Cisco | NEXUS | NXA-PAC-650W-PI
MR5065inv.connectiontypes: Cisco | Nexus 9k | 9300-EX FAN
MR5066inv.connectiontypes: Cisco | Nexus 9k | 9300-EX PSU
MR5067inv.objectmodels: Cisco | NEXUS | NXA-FAN-30CFM-B
MR5068inv.objectmodels: Cisco | NEXUS | N9K-C93180YC-EX
MR5069inv.objectmodels: UPNET | Transceiver | 10G | SFP+ 10G-DA-2
MR5073inv.objectmodels: Cisco | Transceiver | 100G | QSFP+ 100G-CU3M
MR5074inv.objectmodels: NoName | Transceiver | 100G | QSFP+ 100G-CU3M
MR5124inv.objectmodels: MikroTik | Transceiver | 10G | S+RJ10
MR5137inv.objectmodels: NoName | Transceiver | 10G | SFP+SR
MR5163Add Prointech vendor
MR5164noc/noc#1525 Add hwlimits model interface
MR5176noc/noc#1533 Migrate Grafana dash to use labels
MR5194noc/noc#1498 Migrate Inv Tags to Labels.
MR5197noc/noc#1498 Migrate ManagedObjectSelector filter_tags to filter_labels.
MR5211Fix enable_timedelta on pm.metricscopes collection.
MR5240sa.profilecheckrules: NAG | SNR | ALL sysObjectID.0
MR5241noc/noc#1515 Initial collect sensors from asset.
MR5247Add Eltex ESR-100 platform
MR5253Fix alarm "Ping Failed"
MR5269EdgeCore ECS3510-28T and ECS3510-52T models
MR5276Add some Juniper EX models
MR5283sa.profilecheckrules: EdgeCore | ES | ECS4510-28F sysObjectID
MR5287sa.profilecheckrules: EdgeCore | ES | ECS4660-28F sysObjectID
MR5297noc/noc#1515 Add Sensor PM Scope.
MR5304Add more Juniper models
MR5316Add some Juniper MX models
MR5377Add CBQOS metric type.
MR5385Add MediaStream MetricScope.
MR5386Add more Juniper models
MR5387noc/noc#1515 Add Measurement Unit to SensorProfile.
MR5411Add MeasurementUnits on MetricType.
MR5417Fix subinterface graph.
MR5428Metric Scale
MR5429MetricType scale
MR5486Add SLA metrics.
MR5498inv.objectmodels: NAG | SNR | SNR-S2995G-24FX
MR5514Add VRF and DSCP field to igetslaprobes.
MR5520Fix managed interface typo on Rotek models.
MR5524fix vendor in models Alcatel7302 and Alcatel7330
MR5532inv.objectmodels: Nateks | NetXpert | NX-3424
MR5539Add EventRule Alcatel.TIMOS LinkUp/Down
MR5547Fix 'Булат | BFC-PBIC-S' controller objectmodel.
MR5562sa.profilecheckrules: Nateks | NetXpert | NX 3408 V1 sysObjectID
MR5572Fix same uuid on QSFP+ 100G-CU3M objectmodel.
MR5595Add sla_probe id to SLA MetricScope.
MR5596Add 'Packets Disordered' metric.
MR5597Add some APC.AOS syslog events
MR5598Add "Juniper | JUNOS | Network | Link | DOM" events
MR5599CIsco.IOS.get_sla_probes. Add tos param.
MR5600Add OWEN Vendor to collection.
MR5607noc/noc#1488 zeroconf: modbus_rtu config for sensors
MR5609Add TOS label to interface QoS metrics.
MR5610MetricType: noc-agent collector mappings
MR5617Fix SLA probes graph.
MR5626noc-collector: send units
MR5632noc/noc#1467 Add ModbusTCP to zeroconf service.
MR5638Skip metric value if not unit conversation rule.
MR5641Add labels, sensor and sla_probe field to PM Threshold alarm.
MR5642Add some event to Juniper.JUNOS profile
MR5655Add some Juniper.JUNOS events
MR5660Add more FM classess
MR5664Add new Trap mibs.
MR5679Add some Juniper.JUNOS events and some classes
MR5682Update some MPLS classes
MR5687Huawei.VRP. Additional Trap Classification rules.
MR5688Add FM Classification Rule for new BGP Notifications.
MR5689Cisco.IOS. Add Trap Classification Rule.
MR5690Add more MPLS classes end events
MR5699Add more Juniper.JUNOS events
MR5701Add 'Network | OSPF' Event Classification Rule.
MR5702Additional 'Network | MPLS' event classification rules.
MR5703Add 'Network | IS-IS' event classification rules.
MR5711Fix juniper events
MR5770inv.objectmodels: NAG | SNR | SNR-S2990X-24FQ
MR5772Update EventClass stop disposition
MR5784inv.objectmodels: ModulTech | Transceiver | 1G | MT-PB-3524S-L4C
MR5794Add Eltex profilecheckrules
MR5804add labels in objectmodels Alcatel.7302
MR5836Alarm reference
MR5837Add objectmodels fd/xd alcatel.7302
MR5859Fix Network | MPLS | VRF Interface Up classification rule.
MR5882Add TIMETRA mibs
MR5883Remove uuid duplicates
MR5887noc/noc#1683 Migrate update_alarms to dispose protocol.
MR5909noc/noc#1698 Resolve Alarm vars from Event use ComponentHub.
MR5915Use Jinja for Alarm title and body render.
MR5928Add FileSystem MetricScope.
MR5954add profilecheckrule Dlink DAS-3XXX
MR5955add profilecheckrule ZTE C300
MR5956add objectmodel Electron KO-02
MR5990Fixed cards typo.
MR5998Fix some Cisco models and connectionrules
MR6000Add some ASR1001 models
MR6026Add Eltex 24xx profile check rules on SysDescr.
MR6063Add new snr models
MR6066Add ZTE C320 and some modules
MR6078inv.objectmodels: MELLANOX | Transceiver | 10G | MC3309130-003
MR6079inv.objectmodels: GIGALINK | Transceiver | 1G | GL-OT-SGRJ45
MR6080inv.objectmodels: GIGALINK | Transceiver | 10G | GL-OT-ST05LC2-08
MR6082add some vendors
MR6083inv.objectmodels: A-Gear | Transceiver | GPON | SFPGEPONOLT1490
MR6088inv.objectmodels: GigaLink | Transceiver | 1G | GL-OT-SG14SC1-1550-D
MR6089inv.objectmodels: ModulTech Transceivers
MR6090inv.objectmodels: WTD | Transceiver | GPON | RTXM168-418-C46
MR6093Update collections/inv.objectmodels/TFortis/Transceiver/1G/TBSF-13-10-12gSC-3i.json
MR6094Add some Skeo transceivers
MR6096inv.objectmodels: AGear | Transceiver | 10G | SFP+10G1SM3320LC
MR6097inv.objectmodels: AGear | Transceiver | 10G | SFP10G1SM1270-20
MR6098Add Alistar 1G WDM transceivers
MR6099Add Bazis transceivers
MR6100Add Eoptolink transceivers
MR6101Add more transceivers
MR6114Add more Huawei models
MR6145Add IPPool and Radius metric scope.
MR6155Fix iter_grouped method on body template on alarm_class 'Policy | Violation'.

Deploy Changes

MR4482noc/noc#1241 Add ansible-CI
MR4484Add kafkasender service
MR4638Bump minimum requirements for tower
MR4651Fix ansible deploy
MR4680Ansible/Make false shell login for nats/liftbridge
MR4716Rename stage lint to lint_ansible
MR4719Ansible fix correlator condition
MR4734Add secondary/replicas checks
MR4744Remove reload in liftbridge unit until proper pid handling
MR4752Bump consul version to 1.8.6
MR4766Add correlator backup and slots
MR4770Fix consul check
MR4782Ansible, add clickhouse versioning
MR4784Bump grafana to 7.3.4
MR4791ADd install ch with version in other OSes too
MR4817Ansible add mx sender checks
MR4851Add NATs payload limit
MR4880Bump liftbridge version 1.4.0
MR4896Add possibility to run image building and deploy tests apart
MR4929Remove nats payload settings
MR4931Add timeout in creating test VMs
MR4932Ansible move vars to releases
MR4933Bump liftbridge to 1.4.1 version
MR4949Add ch grafana separate user
MR5120Remove Ubuntu16 deploy test due to old python3
MR5121pyo3 noc.speedup.ip
MR5364Fix ansible limit for client too
MR5443Add UI service
MR5454Fix consul deprecation of fields
MR5455noc/noc#1603 Fix upload MIB on WEB.
MR5470Bump liftbridge version to 1.6.0
MR5494Ansible fix proper group on create folder
MR5495Add metrics and worker services
MR5500Fix typo on tower's description
MR5502Add slots for worker service
MR5503Fix slots for worker
MR5549Add kafkasender's slots
MR5550Fix typo: Update ansible/noc_roles/noc/tasks/post_install.yml
MR5551ansible goss Increase check time git status
MR5558Change senders transport NSQ > LiftBridge
MR5560Add proper tags
MR5592Remove old clickhouse dictionary files
MR5594Move lb migrate upper
MR5672Update clickhouse version
MR5692Ansible deploy: Remove obsolete things
MR5697Ansible: bump clickhouse version to
MR5740Bump mongodb to 4.4
MR5771Ansible Remove old module, Fix Jinja types
MR5793Fix FreeBSD roles
MR5796Ansible fix fake_shell
MR5845Ansible fix listen trapcollector var
MR5857Ansible pg 12
MR5862Bump liftbridge to 1.7.0
MR5881Ansible fix default ch vars
MR5910Ansible add debian11 deploy
MR5925Ansible add ubuntu 20
MR5935update ca-certs to latest possible
MR5939ANsible fix mongod_ver var
MR5949Remove nsq, nsqlookup services from nodes at deploy
MR6021Add selfmon settings to tower
MR6030Add docs how-to monitor noc
MR6035Ansible switch consul to repo
MR6047Add consul service_set file back
MR6084Remove from hosts
MR6085Make ansible python interpreter auto
MR6086Ansible fix consul regex
MR6087Fix listen_traps
MR6106Bump liftbridge version to 1.7.1
MR6113Fix typo systemd consul
MR6116fix consul server template
MR6128Handle import custom without noc.pth
MR6138Bump defaul discovery threads in tower default
MR6172Fix telegraf mongodb
MR6186Fix deploy tests
MR6218Fix libjemalloc.so.2 at Ubuntu 20.04
MR6222Ansible fix 2nd lift migrations
MR6225Make postgresql 14 default
MR6227Add needed vars for apply-pools
MR6242Fix pg regex check