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NOC 15.05.1

Release highlights

  • Profiling and optimisation of FM, improved performance and stability
  • Fixed inventory objects' attribute setting
  • Easier migration from contrib/-based releases (0.7(2) and earlier)


  • JSON Import application


  • Fixed: Cannot update 'data.xxx' and 'data.xxx.yyy' at the same time
  • Lots of transceiver models
  • Unimited amount of part_no and order_part_no entries in ObjectModel
  • asset_discovery detects trash in vendor_id/part_no


  • New profiles: Supertel.K2X, HP.1910
  • SAE: Batched events write
  • CLI_TIMEOUT setting processed by telnet sessions correctly
  • New scripts and fixes
  • noc-activator's ping no longer generates lots of events on startup


  • More reliable reboot detection in uptime_discovery
  • Reboots report
  • Limit amount of MRT jobs started by noc-correlator
  • Improved page refresh policy in Events and Alarms applications
  • noc-classifier and noc-correlator performance tuning
  • check_link alarm job can accept full interface status dump


  • Config validation performed in single thread
  • New validators:
  • Hostname MUST NOT be empty
  • Interface MUST HAVE proxy arp disabled
  • Interface MUST HAVE ip redirects disabled