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NOC 15.05


  • NOC no longer depends on PostGIS
  • MongoDB 2.4 or later required (MongoDB 3.0 with WiredTiger storage engine recommended)


  • Customer portal cp.nocproject.org has been intruduced.
  • Support module allows to collect and share tracebacks and reports about upgrade problems
  • NOC can be extended via custom or third-party solutions
  • One-command NOC node deployment
  • NOC nodes can be updated from master node


  • General UI cleanup
  • Vector glyphs are used instead of icons
  • Retina-friendly
  • ExtJS 5.1
  • Pagerless Model Applications
  • Group editing
  • Tree Filter

Service Activation

  • Monitor application
  • Improved stability and logging
  • Greatly improved performance
  • Built-in ssh client supports ECDSA, improved ssh servers compatibility
  • Lots of new profiles and scripts
  • Great amount of bugfixes
  • AuthProfiles to store shared credentials
  • Actions as generalized command snippets
  • ./noc cli-commands for batch command executing

Configuration Management

  • Config validation framework built around CLIPS expert system
  • Cisco.IOS, Cisco.IOSXR, Juniper.JUNOS, DLink.DxS and Mikrotik.RouterOS parser
  • FM alarms are generated on policy violations

Fault Management

  • Event- and alarmclasses can be created via UI
  • Lots of new classes and rules
  • noc-classifier speedup
  • Experimental rule matcher accelerator


  • Map preview
  • Rack layout
  • Lots of object models
  • Cable conduits
  • Connection rules and generic get_asset scripts simplification
  • ip discovery can be set on per-prefix basis
  • Prevent SA system overloading by discovery process
  • Sophisticated job scheduling

Performance Management

  • Distributed PM infrastructure inspired by Graphite
  • Compact pluggable data storage (MongoDB or RocksDB). See KVS comparison for details
  • Graphite-compatible API for data fetching and manipulation
  • Automatic probe configuration on database changes
  • Integrated Grafana dashboard


  • Simple HTTP-based synchronisation scheme
  • Various zone-generation fixes