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Migration pycrypto is required in order to migrate to 0.6.3.

Install pycrypto as:

easy_install pycrypto


Pluggable polling methods

lib/nbsocket.py uses pluggable polling method. In addition to the classic select(), poll() and epoll() methods are implemented. Polling method is set into etc/noc.conf:[main]/polling_method configuration variable.

Service Activation

New profiles

  • H3C.VRP

New scripts

  • HP.ProCurve9xxx.get_arp
  • HP.ProCurve9xxx.get_fqdn
  • HP.ProCurve9xxx.get_interfaces
  • HP.ProCurve9xxx.get_spanning_tree
  • Huawei.VRP.get_interface_status
  • Juniper.JUNOS.get_interfaces
  • OS.FreeBSD.get_vlans
  • Zyxel.ZyNOS.add_vlan
  • Zyxel.ZyNOS.remove_vlan

New interfaces

  • IGetFDPNeighbors
  • IConfigNotifyFilter

API enhancements

  • command_exit works properly
  • Profile.start_session() allows to write sophisticated session setups
  • ScriptTest.ignore_timestamp_mismatch

Topology Discovery

New method: Foundry Discovery Protocol (FDP)

debug-script enhancements

  • Parallel execution on several management objects
  • Script results are dumped at the end of log
  • selector:<name> construction can be used instead of managed object's name

Pure-python telnet and ssh clients implementation

pure-Python telnet and ssh2 clients are implemented. PTYs are no longer needed for noc-activator. CLI session limit can be significantly increased as result.

Cisco Catalyst clusters support

Catalyst cluster members can be set up as separate management objects using /cluster:<id>/ _Path.

UI improvements

  • Show only used device profiles into Management Object's filter.
  • Show platform and model in management objects list.


Serious speed optimization and reduced memory footprint for noc-activator

Address Space Management

Import Connected

0.6.3 release introduces new ip.routeimport application, which allows to import directly connected networks from equipment into IPAM database

DNS Management

DNS Zone name can be up 255 characters long, offering enough place to hold IPv6 reverse zones

Configuration Management

Management Object's Config Diff Filter Rule allows to remove insignificant config changes from email notifications