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Development process changes

With 0.6.1 NOC development process has been moved to more open Dev Team. Several target groups are focused on particular areas of product development and positioning.

With 0.6.1 two new members joined Dev Team, namely:

  • Dmitry Lukhtionov - works on DLink and FreeBSD support
  • Il'ya Shilov - works on EdgeCore and Huawei VRP support

Development team remains open and new members are always welcome.

Service Activation

New Platforms

  • Alcatel.TIMOS
  • DLink.DxS
  • DLink.DES2108
  • HP.ProCurve9xxx

DLink profiles merged

DLink.DES3xxx and DLink.DGS3xxx profiles are merged into single DLink.DxS profile

New Scripts

  • Alcatel.TIMOS.get_config
  • Alcatel.TIMOS.get_version
  • DLink.DES2108.add_vlan
  • DLink.DES2108.get_chassis_id
  • DLink.DES2108.get_mac_address_table
  • DLink.DES2108.get_version
  • DLink.DES2108.get_vlans
  • DLink.DES2108.remove_vlan
  • DLink.DxS.add_vlan
  • DLink.DxS.get_arp
  • DLink.DxS.get_chassis_id
  • DLink.DxS.get_config
  • DLink.DxS.get_dhcp_binding
  • DLink.DxS.get_interface_status
  • DLink.DxS.get_lldp_neighbors
  • DLink.DxS.get_local_users
  • DLink.DxS.get_mac_address_table
  • DLink.DxS.get_portchannel
  • DLink.DxS.get_version
  • DLink.DxS.get_vlans
  • DLink.DxS.ping
  • DLink.DxS.remove_vlan
  • EdgeCore.ES.get_arp
  • f5.BIGIP.get_vlans
  • HP.ProCurve9xxx.add_vlan
  • HP.ProCurve9xxx.get_chassis_id
  • HP.ProCurve9xxx.get_config
  • HP.ProCurve9xxx.get_fdp_neighbors
  • HP.ProCurve9xxx.get_mac_address_table
  • HP.ProCurve9xxx.get_portchannel
  • HP.ProCurve9xxx.get_version
  • HP.ProCurve9xxx.get_vlans
  • HP.ProCurve9xxx.remove_vlan
  • Huawei.VRP.get_arp
  • MikroTik.RouterOS.get_version
  • OS.FreeBSD.get_fqdn
  • Vyatta.Vyatta.get_arp
  • Zyxel.ZyNOS.get_vlans

Improved compatibility and reliability

  • Numerous bugfixes in non-blocking socket library
  • Unpriveleged prompt detection in DLink.DxS profile
  • Improved compatibility with Huawei VRP5, EdgeCore, Cisco uBR series and latest JUNOSe releases.
  • More consistend SAE Map/Reduce task logging
  • Bugfixes in topology discovery process
  • More reliable stale script cancelation
  • Lauching Map/Reduce task with invalid profile will no longer cause the crash

API Improvements

  • IGetDictList interface
  • IGetFDPNeighbors interface
  • ManagedObject.config_filter_rule and .config_validation_rule
  • Script timeout can be altered via optional parameter

Web interface improvements

  • Filter tasks by enabled/disabled status in Task Schedules

Configuration Management

Config validation

Additional pyRule can be used to validate device config and to report defined policies mismatch

Config filtering

Additional pyRule can be used to strip unnecessary parts of config (i. e. an auto-provisioned or dynamically changing ones)

Fault Management


DLINK-ID-REC-MIB, AGENT-GENERAL-MIB, ARP-Spoofing-Prevent-MIB, SAFEGUARD-ENGINE-MIB are added to 0.6.1 release

Peering Management

Web interface improvements

  • Fields are groupped into fieldsets in the Peers application
  • Comprehensive input validation and checking in Peers application
  • IANA, RIR, NIR and OTHER org-types in the Organization application

VC Management


  • Do not crash when creating VC Bind Filter for VC Domain with non-ASCII name