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If you got south-related exception during ./script/post-update, remove system-wide installed south.


More permissive usernames

Username is enlarged to 75 character and can contain letters, digits and /+/./-/_/ characters


pyRule hooks for database modifications. See Altering NOC behavior with Triggers and pyRules forum thread.

manage.py todos

Service command:

manage.py todos

shows all parts of code marked with @todo: tag

Adjust $USER and $HOME variables

noc-launcher adjusts $USER and $HOME environment variables every time when changes daemon's user id.


Styles can be set in the Main > Setup > Styles menu. Styles are used to get the different appearance for different items, like prefixes, addresses, VRFs and so on.

New calculators

  • Simple burst rate calculator for Cisco.IOS and Juniper.JUNOS policers
  • Multicast address to MAC and vise-versa

API Improvements

  • @view decorator for Application's views
  • Application.get_object_or_404 shortcut
  • Application.render passes keyword arguments to template
  • Application.extra_permissions list

Third-party software updated

  • Django updated to the version 1.2.3

Audit Trail searching

Audit trail can be searched for specific string

Service Activation

New Platforms

  • Vyatta.Vyatta
  • 3Com.SuperStack
  • OS.FreeBSD

Arbitrary Managed Object's attributes

Arbitraty managed object's attributes can be set for information and configuration purposes. All attributes are available from scripts directly.

EdgeCore profiles merged

EdgeCore.ES35xx and EdgeCore.ES4xxx profiles are merged into single EdgeCore.ES profile

New Scripts

  • Cisco.IOS.get_fqdn
  • HP.ProCurve.get_spanning_tree
  • DLink.DES3xxx.get_chassis_id
  • DLink.DGS3xxx.get_chassis_id
  • DLink.DGS3xxx.get_portchannel
  • 3Com.SuperStack.get_mac_address_table
  • 3Com.SuperStack.get_vlans
  • Force10.FTOS.get_interfaces
  • Juniper.JUNOS.get_lldp_neighbors
  • Zyxel.ZyNOS.get_arp
  • OS.FreeBSD.get_version
  • OS.FreeBSD.get_arp
  • Vyatta.Vyatta.get_version

API Improvements

  • IGetFQDN interface
  • IGetInterface interface
  • Scripts call caching
  • Enhanced API for pattern matching (Script.re_match and Script.re_search)
  • Helpers for multi-platform scripts (@Script.match decorator. See Forum thread)
  • IPv4/IPv6 interface parameters
  • Software version comparison in profile
  • ManagedObject'


  • Optimized bulk data processing in Telnet/SSH providers leads to more reliable config retrieval


Improved compatibility for EdgeCore.ES, Cisco.IOS and HP.ProCurve profiles.

Stale script cancellation

Forceful stale script cancellation introduced

Script result caching

Controllable script result caching allows to arbitrary caching of script call result. Persistent scripts, like get_version will be called only once per session.

Address Space Management

With 0.6 release NOC got new IPv4/IPv6 IPAM application. Common changes are:

  • New data model
  • Address Family (AFI) is used to distinguish between IPv4/IPv6
  • VRFs got additional attributes: IPv4 and IPv6 address families. You can manually enable IPv4, IPv6 or both for each VRF
  • You can use visual styles (Main > Setup > Styles) to gain different VRFs, prefixes and addresses different visual appearance
  • IPv6 online ping works like IPv4 one. You need to set fping6 path in noc-activator.conf
  • IPv6 addresses can be used in SA scripts
  • IPv6 addresses are integrated into DNS just like IPv4 one
  • lib/ip.py got new object IP and used in all IP address manipulation
  • "Show Free Addresses" function is optimized and works regardless of the block size
  • Multi-line descriptions. Only first line shown in the list, while full description available in previews
  • New color-schema generator for Address Ranges
  • Address ranges can overlap. Though you cannot overlap locked ranges, you can use overlapped non-locked ranges for documentation issues
  • Django templates are used for FQDN generation in address ranges

Configuration Management

  • cm.pull_config task rescheduled immediately when "Get now" config admin action used

Fault Management

Delayed "Invalid Event Source" messages

"Invalid Event Source" messages are generated only once per minute per IP

Activatior Speedups

Due to database interation optimization, 0.6 release got up to 50% performance gain to noc-activator

Knowledge Base

MediaWiki parser

MediaWiki parser allows drop-in migration from legacy MediaWiki's without article conversion