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ObjectModel Tags

ObjectModel may contain tags, providing additional information about component's capabilities.

Common Tags

  • chassis - chassis (equipment body)
  • lc - linecard, optional replaceable module (except for fans and PSU)
  • xcvr - transceiver
  • psu - power supply unit
  • sup - supervisor or control module (control plane)
  • fabric - commutation fabric (data plane)
  • fan - fan
  • soft - software component
  • port - contains ports acceptable for client connection either directly or via transceiver
  • dsp - digital signal processor for voice/video processing

Tags may be combined together:

  • chassis, sup, psu, fabric, ports - fanless access switch
  • chassis, sup, psu, fabric, ports, fan - access switch with active cooling
  • lc, port - linecard with ports
  • sup, fabric, lc, port - supervisor with integrated fabric and ports