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Object Models

Object model is the definition of inventory object's behavior.

nameStringModel name
descriptionStringModel description
vendorReferenceVendor reference
dataObjectModel attributes, refer to Model Interface
connectionsArray of Object Possible connections
nameStringUnique connection name
descriptionStringConnection description
typeReferenceConnection Type reference
directionStringConnection direction (See Direction Discussion for details):
i - internal. Connected object will be placed inside this object.
o - outside. This object will be placed inside connected one.
s - side connection. Neither objects will be placed inside each other.
genderStringConnection gender (See Connection Gender Discussion for details)
m - male
f - female
s - genderless, side connection
protocolsArray of StringOptional list of protocols, supported on given connection. See Inventory Protocols for reference and Protocols Discussion for details.
groupStringCrossing group (See Group Discussion for details)
crossStringInternal connection crossing (See Cross Discussion for details
internal_nameStringOptional internal name. May be used in Connection Rules along with name, but not shown in user interface. May be used to hide long names, like PCIe identifiers and to replace them to short and clear names.