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syslog MX Message

syslog message is generated by syslogcollector service when managed object Syslog is received.

Message Headers

Type of message. Always syslog.
Key for consistent sharding.
Managed Object's effective labels.

Message Format

Message contains JSON object, containing objects of following structure

timestampDateTimeISO 8601 timestamp (i.e. YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS) of collected metrics
message_idStringGlobal message identifier
collector_typeStringAlways syslog
collectorStringCollector Pool
addressStringSNMP Trap Source Address
managed_objectObject Managed Object details
idStringManaged Object's ID
remote_systemObject Source remote system for Managed Object
idStringExternal system's id
nameStringExternal system's name
nameStringManaged Object's name
remote_idStringExternal system's id (Opaque attribbute)
bi_idIntegerManaged Object's BI ID
administrative_domainObject Administrative Domain details
idStringAdministrative Domain's ID
nameStringAdministrative Domain's name
remote_idStringManaged Object Administrative Domain's ID in Remote System (if any)
remote_systemObject Source remote system for Managed Object Administrative Domain
{{ tab4 }} idStringExternal system's id
{{ tab4 }} nameStringExternal system's name
labelsArray of StringManaged Object's labels
dataObject Syslog message body content
facilityStringSyslog facility
severityStringSyslog severity
messageStringSyslog message


  "timestamp": "2022-06-20T10:07:15",
  "message_id": "3d6a2405-447c-44e7-b885-7a2deb43a26a",
  "collector_type": "syslog",
  "collector": "default",
  "address": "",
  "managed_object": {
    "id": "450",
    "bi_id": 7602684790455147111,
    "name": "device-1",
    "administrative_domain": {
      "id": 11,
      "name": "default",
      "remote_system": {
        "id": "596e715fc165cf1e082ea14c",
        "name": "TEST"
      "remote_id": "1"
    "labels": [],
    "remote_system": {
      "id": "596e715fc165cf1e082ea14c",
      "name": "TEST"
    "remote_id": "22"
  "data": {
    "severity": 1,
    "facility": 2,
    "message": "Message 1"