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Merge Request Labels

NOC development process is organized around Merge Requests and is relying on Labels.

pri::*, comp::* and kind labels are required for every MR to denote priority, complexity and kind of changes. Depending of change additional affected subsystems labels may be required.

Affected Subsystems Labels

Following labels shows subsystems affected by MR. Any combination of labels is possible:

  • ansible - Ansible Playbook
  • collections - collections
  • core - core modules
  • confdb - ConfDB syntax
  • documentation - documentation
  • ui - User Interface
  • profiles - SA Profiles
  • migration - Database migrations
  • tests - Unittests
  • nbi - NBI API
  • rust - Rust infrastructure and modules


MR must be assigned with one of pri::* labels:

  • pri::p1 - Top priority, MR fixes critical problem affecting existing installations and must be reviewed, tested and merged as soon as possible
  • pri::p2 - High priority. MR fixes bug affecting existing installations. Though the workaround exists, MR should be processed in priority order
  • pri::p3 - Normal priority. MR should be processed in usual order
  • pri::p4 - Low priority. Insignificant cosmetic changes which can be processed in background order

Use pri::p3 label if no other reasons present.


MR must be assigned with one of comp::* labels to denote estimated complexity to reviewers and testers:

  • comp::trivial - Trivial changes which can take up to 5 minutes to review and up to 15 minutes to test
  • comp::low - Changes which can take up to 1 hour to test
  • comp::medium - Changes which can take up to 1 day to test
  • comp::high - Most complicated changes

Use comp::medium label if unsure


MR must be assigned with one of kind::* labels to denote changes type

  • kind::feature - functional changes improving existing feature or adding new one
  • kind::improvement - Non-functional changes, including code and infrastructure optimization, requirements updates or additional documentation
  • kind::bug - Bugfix
  • kind::cleanup - Code cleanup. Non-functional changes not affecting existing behavior, like code formatting


backport label means MR to be cherry-picked and backported to previous generations. backport label is applicable only to kind::bug label according to Release Policy.