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noc test - Run testing suite


noc test run [-v|--verbose]
             [TEST_NAME ...]


Runs testing suite and reports errors or warnings. Options:

  • -v|--verbose - Verbose output
  • --test-db=DBNAME - Use DBNAME as testing database. Generate temporary database when not set.
  • --coverage-report=PATH - Generate coverage report to directory PATH. Coverage report is the set of self-containing user-viewable HTML files.
  • --idea-bookmarks=PATH - Generate IntelliJ IDEA-compatible bookmarks XML containing links to all warnings noted during the test run. Resulting XML may be placed into the <component name="BookmarkManager"> of .idea/workspace.xml file.
  • --statistics - Dump detailed statistics summary on the end of the tests.
  • TEST_NAME - Run all test suite when empty. May contain one or more item:
  • path - Run all tests from python file path
  • path::func - Run single testing function func from python file path


$ ./noc test

$ ./noc test --summary

$ ./noc test -v tests/test_0001_migrate.py::test_database_migrations

See also

  • pytest documentation <https://docs.pytest.org/en/latest/>_