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address DataStream

address DataStream contains summarized IPAM Address state


idStringAddress id
change_idStringRecord's Change Id
nameStringAddress name
addressStringAddress (i.e.
fqdnStringFully-Qualified Domain Name for address
afiStringAddress family:
descriptionStringAddress textual description
macStringRelated MAC address
subinterfaceStringRelated subinterface name
tagsArray of StringVRF tags
stateObject VRF workflow state
idStringState id
nameStringState name
workflowObject VRF workflow
idStringWorkflow id
nameStringWorkflow name
allocated_tillDatetimeWorkflow state deadline
profileObject Address Profile
idStringAddress Profile id
nameStringAddress Profile name
vrfObject Prefix VRF
idStringVRF id
nameStringVRF name
projectObject Address Project
idStringProject id
nameStringProject name
sourceStringVRF Learning source:
M - Manual
i - Interface
m - Management
d - DHCP
n - Neighbor


API Key with datastream:address permission is required.