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Config Storage

Storing is the process of storing device configuration in long-term storage. NOC uses own GridVCS storage to store device configuration. GridVCS is radically different from plain file system and somewhat like version control systems (VCS), like git and mercurial. Following GridVCS properties are vial for configuration processing:

  • Plug-and-play - Available out-of-box. Do not require additional configuration or maintenance.
  • Replicated - implemented over mongodb with replication over mongo cluster nodes
  • High-availability - resilient to database node loss
  • Slave backup - backup may be taken from slave
  • Versioned - unlimited history of configuration changes. Versioning performed automatically
  • Compressed - all data stored in compressed form
  • Lock-free - parallel commits are safe (unkike git and mercurial)
  • Checksum protection - every version is protected by checksum
  • Tampering protection - extra countermeasures against intentional history rewriting.
  • Mirroring - configurations can be uploaded to External Storage<reference-external-storage>.

GridVCS is provided out-of-the box and does not require additional configuration.