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NOC 20.3 is Released

In accordance to our Release Policy we're proudly present release 20.3.

20.3 release contains of 271 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements. Refer to the Release Notes for details.



NOC 20.3 introduces new ad-hoc auto-segmentation algorithm we'd called Biosegmentation for its similarity with famous "Osmosys" game. Each Managed Object starts with its very own "floating" segment, or "bubble". Bubbles collide each other in series of neighboring events, like new links found. Each collision leads to a "trial", when rivaling segments have to prove their power and appeal to the policies and to the rules.

The winner of contest may consume all looser's objects and gains ever more power. During to collision with already established network segment hierarchy, called "persistent" segment, bubble can ever join to one of existing segment, or to became persistent segment by itself.

Biosegmentation can effectively reveal network segment hierarchy by analyzing existing or newly found links.

ConfDB Improvements

ConfDB got new syntax support for:

  • LAG
  • AAA
  • DNS

Normalizers have been covered by common testing framework, increasing overall code quality and developers productivity.

Stencil Overlays

Network map got capability to denote object's shapes with additional small glyphs, basing on object, profiles or project settings. i.e. all objects related to particular project or to particular role in the network may have additional indication.