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How to add devices from network scan process

Sometimes it's usefull to add devices from network scanning process. It saves time, but also require some knowledge about NOC's basics.


Command context: cd /opt/noc Command help:

./noc network-scan --help

!All args must be before address/network.

  1. Single address scanning: ./noc network-scan

ver.16            <--- Version of script
enable_ping  1    <--- Number of devices with successful ICMP responce
enable_snmp  0    <--- Number of devices with successful SNMP responce
IP;Available via ICMP;IP enable;is_managed;suggest name;SMNP sysname;SNMP sysObjectId;Vendor;Model;Name;pool;labels  <--- Head of "table";True;True;True;;None;None;None;None;campus12-14.sw;default;autoadd    <---result of scanning.
Device with ip is icmp available, exists in NOC, have is_managed check and etc.
  1. Network scanning: ./noc network-scan
enable_ping  2
enable_snmp  0
IP;Available via ICMP;IP enable;is_managed;suggest name;SMNP sysname;SNMP sysObjectId;Vendor;Model;Name;pool;labels;True;True;True;;None;None;None;None;campus12-14.sw;default;autoadd;True;True;True;;None;None;None;None;campus12-11.sw;default;autoadd;True;True;True;;None;None;None;None;campus12.sw;default;autoadd
  1. Scanning from file: ./noc network-scan --in /tmp/scan_input where:

    cat /tmp/nettest
  2. Exclude some addresses from scanning: ./noc network-scan --in /tmp/scan_exclude

Can combine with other arguments. For example if you want do exclude default gateway of some networks, use this command.

  1. Use custom community for checks: ./noc network-scan --community=ofcnotpublic

Default community is "public"

  1. Use specific SNMP version for checks: ./noc network-scan --community=ofcnotpublic --version=1

  2. Autoadd results inside NOC: ./noc network-scan --community=ofcnotpublic --autoadd

Before adding devices it's recommended to view on results without this key. By default, ManagedObject's name wil be an IP address, and all other parameters such as: - Administrative Domain - Managed Object Profile - Network Segment - Pool - Syslog Source address - Trap Source address and etc will be "default" or "disable"

  1. Custom MO parameters:

    --syslog-source=m (management address) or --syslog-source=a (all addresses)
    --trap-source=m (management address) or --syslog-source=a (all addresses)
  2. Try to guess MO name from SNMP device name or PTR DNS record:

    --resolve-name-snmp         Try to read from SNMP
    --resolve-name-dns          Try to request from DNS PTR
    If both keys found smth, snmp answer wins. If both keys didn't found anything, IP address will be used as ManagedObject Name
  3. Use NOC's Credential Profile ( Service Activation / Setup / Credential Check Rules )

    --credential="MyCredentialRules" It's possible use NOC's Credential Check Rules object with credential that usually works in Discovery suggest process.

  4. Add label to all newly created managed objects:


  5. Send result on email or notification group

    --mail="MyNotificationGroup"        Group must exists in NOC
    --email="mylovely@email.com"        Any email will be send by mailsender service, so it should have proper settings.
  6. Use custom format of mail:

    --formats=csv or --formats=xlsx