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NOC 24.1.1

24.1.1 release contains 43 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.

New features

MR8076#1973 Add snmp diagnostic to periodic discovery.


MR8091inv.inv: Adjust colors of Create Connection form
MR8092inv.inv: Update navigation panel when deleting object
MR8102inv.iv: Reload navigation tree on connect/disconnect
MR8106#2484 Reformat Diagnostic Check API.
MR8112inv.inv: reload navigation on disconnect
MR8123inv.inv: External links in Connect Objects form
MR8133fm.alarm: Add group_subject API field
MR8142Add TTSystemCtx for processed TT System operations.
MR8160Revert "Merge branch 'cherry-pick-ee2a0dcb' into 'release-24.1'"
MR8161Merge branch 'uncol-inv-icon-title' into 'master'
MR8172Move gufo.snmp requirements to node.txt


MR8094Replace lgettext. It deprecated and removed in python 3.10.
MR8094Replace lgettext. It deprecated and removed in python 3.10.
MR8096Fix Service.get_services_by_alarm getting alarm component.
MR8100Fix 'Passing coroutine objects to wait() directly is forbidden' for MRT service.
MR8103Fix container handling on connect/disconnect
MR8120Fix check alarm_consequence_policy without tt_system.
MR8127Fix generate uuid for model on collection.
MR8129#2492 Fix rule preference order in profile checker.
MR8130Fix oper_status show in Services grid.
MR8134Fix view Link Metrics on NetworkSegment Map
MR8136Fix change etl workflow state after object create.
MR8146fm.alarm: Fix group_subject
MR8167#2496 Fix save ManagedObjectProfile.
MR8175#2497 Fix unique Error on strip platform migration.
MR8179Fix response_model_exclude_none parameter for FastAPI routes
MR8184Fix encode HTTP headers value when set script.
MR8188fm.alarms: Fix alarm view
MR8192Fix managed object BI extractor for NULL values in n_stp_topo_changes field
MR8200#2487 Add python resolver for HTTP Client user.
MR8201Kafka client skip message too large.
MR8201Kafka client skip message too large.
MR8210Fix labels on ETL register discovered object.

Code Cleanup

MR8089bump versions
MR8156Bump Black Linter version to 24.4.2
MR8164Set black target-version to py310
MR8177Docs: Update information about supported Python versions

Profile Changes


MR8181IRE-Polus.Horizon Remove crossing from collected

Deploy Changes

MR8116Clickhouse change default broken parts number
MR8143Bump kafka version to 3.6.2
MR8149Ansible fix apt key mechanics
MR8170Ansible addopenssl redhat7