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NOC 24.1

24.1 release contains 554 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.


BH service

The new BH (short for beholder) is a new service dedicated to network observation and active scanning. It is an executive mechanism that allows the populating of the "purgatorium" and makes one more step of "Project Petrus".

Runner service

The new runner service is dedicated to effectively performing tasks, which consist of one or more related jobs, while considering necessary limitations and dealing with deadlines and errors in gentle and predictable manner. The runner and its tasks are the basic cornerstone of the orchestration and provisioning applications, such as software updates and channel provisioning, that are expected in further releases.

SNMPv3 support for scripts

The NOC finally gets full SNMPv3 support for scripts! This became possible thanks to switching to Gufo SNMP, which has been developed by Gufo Labs especially for NOC. In addition to SNMPv3 support, Gufo SNMP is very CPU-effective, reducing common activator's CPU usage by about 10%.

Unified Crossing

We have greatly reworked the internals of the inventory and its data model. Old crossing used to store only static settings, defined in models. This works well for simple splitters but cannot handle scenarios, where the internal crossing can be programmed. Unified crossing allows collection crossing settings as part of asset discovery. Despite seeming easy, it allows the NOC to handle a wide new class of equipment, such as programmable patch panels, ROADMs, OTN and SDH muxes. The unified crossing is another cornerstone below the channel management feature, which is expected in the following releases.

Equipment Facades

This release introduces the equipment facades feature. The facades are the visual representation of the object, including all inserting modules. The facades have a lot of practical applications in real life, starting from planning and up to organizing on-site jobs. They also made a look of inventory very familiar to vendor NMS'es, making another step towards using the NOC as a multi-vendor NMS system.

See facades howto for additional details.

Configuration Parameters

The configuration parameters are an inventory mechanism allowing to configuration of the equipment directly from the inventory interface just like in vendor's NMS'es. This is another step towards being a multi-vendor NMS.

Datastream Optimization

The numerous cfg* streams have been united into a single cfgtarget datastream, providing a common configuration for ping and collectors services. This reduces rebuilding overhead and eases overall maintenance.

IGetNtpStatus interface

This release also introduces IGetNtpStatus interface, allowing to collect current NTP associations and their statuses from equipment.

Python 3.11 support

The NOC now supports Python 3.11, gaining a significant performance boost. Starting from this release the minimum supported Python version is 3.10.

New features

MR7162noc/noc#2031 Add BH service
MR7637#2268 Add processed object data from get_inventory script.
MR7647#2270 Add Protocol model.
MR7656#2277 Шаблоны моделей Inventory
MR7683#2276 Add Configuration Param model.
MR7733runner service
MR7761Add CPE Metrics to Network Map.
MR7785#2332 Unified Crossing
MR7786Add multi CPE controllers.
MR7788#2304 Add Metric plugin to Object
MR7834#2351 Add SNMPv3 support to script.
MR7847#1072 Add purgatorium BI Model.
MR7862#2350 Add ipping discovery.
MR7870#917 Add DiscoveredObject model for Petros mechanism.
MR7946#2438 Add DiscoveredObject UI.
MR7957#1553 Add cfgtarget datastream for replace cfg_XXX
MR7959Equipment facades
MR8055#2074 Move Metric Discovery to Periodic


MR7206fix Eltex.MES profile
MR7208Speedup object status check on discovery.
MR7224Add effective inventory object data to ManagedObject Datastream.
MR7227Add expose condition settings.
MR7228Add Span supported to Message Router.
MR7237Change object diagnostics when object_profile save.
MR7272Optimize diagnostics sync database query.
MR7284Add status field to index on ObjectStatus model.
MR7296noc/noc#2036 Add Partition Header for KafkaSender
MR7307Add ReadPreference to check fallen objects on discovery.
MR7309#2097 Used shard as filter discovery.
MR7312Refactor send metrics to MX.
MR7327Add effective_metric_discovery_interval for saving metric interval job.
MR7329Replace polars to polars-lts-cpu for compatible old cpu.
MR7331Add calculate topology task to scheduler
MR7343noc/noc#2072 Implement Gufo SNMP client
MR7366fix promt SKS.SKS
MR7374Disable alarm when CLI Access error on Discovery.
MR7377Catch KafkaTimeoutError on RedPanda client.
MR7386Set Optional value to None on ETL Models.
MR7389Pass time_delta value to Compose Node Probe.
MR7389Pass time_delta value to Compose Node Probe.
MR7390Fix docker login due new gitlab CI_vars
MR7394Add sharding_key to bulk jobs.
MR7398Add change_tracker.bulk_changes to escalator process.
MR7410Update translation files.
MR7412hide basket icon added
MR7422Bump Django version.
MR7432Add technology::radio hints to igetinterfaces.
MR7440Add slot_number attribute to Stub.
MR7453Use cached value for getting service slots.
MR7461#2132 Move MetricsLog to Clickhouse table.
MR7462Add technology wildcard labels.
MR7476noc/noc#2136 Bump Pydantic to 2.0.2 and FastAPI to 0.100.0
MR7477fix network-scan command
MR7485Add scope param to CapsItem.
MR7493Add sharding key to Metrics ChangeLog.
MR7497Change psycopg2 for psycopg2-binary
MR7498Use lazy load fields on Report DataSources.
MR7508#2224 Add Suggest protocol priority to Credential Rule
MR7517#2200 Fix exception raised on invalid UTF-8 text in vars.message field in fm/0051 migration
MR7519Add iterator to RedPanda client for use subscribe on chwriter.
MR7521#2219 Fix - change filtering data from pandas to polars API
MR7524test-profile: Allow testing custom profiles
MR7527docs: Use standard python container to build
MR7528devcontainer: YAML formatting on save
MR7543docs: Merge en and ru versions
MR7546docs: Add Google Analytics
MR7558docs: Auto-build connnection types reference
MR7559#2216 Add user password saving process when user created
MR7560Changed postgresql docker container tag from "14" to "14-bullseye"
MR7561docs: How to Import MIB files (english translation)
MR7562docs: Using Housekeeper to Collect Device Data (English translation)
MR7563docs: Auto-generated caps reference
MR7564docs: Custom Static Dashbord with Device Charts (English translation)
MR7565docs: Minify HTML
MR7568docs: Prune navigation
MR7569RTSUPP-158 Fix exception in clickhouse query with IN-subquery
MR7570docs: Auto-generated alarm and event classes reference
MR7572docs: Links to events in the alarm classes reference
MR7573docs: Reorganized into 4 major parts
MR7574docs: Topology Processing Features (English translation)
MR7575add hide button
MR7577docs: Auto-generate measurement units reference
MR7578docs: Auto-generate metrics reference
MR7581docs: Deploy NOC Howto (english translation), Docs Translation Guide and fixed links.
MR7582Format license files
MR7583docs: NOC monitoring howto (english translation)
MR7584Added new versions to the matcher in the profile Eltex.MES
MR7586RTSUPP-160 Fix clickhouse-query for get event
MR7587docs: Highlights
MR7592docs: Rewritten highlights summary
MR7593docs: Blog
MR7594docs: configuration management (english translation)
MR7595docs: fault management (english translation)
MR7596docs: Performance Managemeent (english translation)
MR7597docs: Peering Management (English translation)
MR7599docs: Link to latest release on front page
MR7601docs: Create Object Models Howto (english), Reclaim DB Space (english)
MR7602docs: Operational Alerts (english) and fixed links
MR7603#2321 Add Yandex layers to maps
MR7604docs: Fix hero.css
MR7605docs: Various concepts translations
MR7606Update CDN Url
MR7607Fix sheet name for table-section xlsx reports in ReportEngine
MR7608Noc docs cm highlights
MR7609docs: Fix relative links in ru-files
MR7610docs: ETL (english translation)
MR7612docs: custom, cards (english translation)
MR7613docs: Additional pages in handlers reference (english translation)
MR7615blog: Project Augeas announce
MR7617docs: Fix ToC tests
MR7618Fix Audiocodes.Median2000 profile
MR7623docs: sa profiles (english translation)
MR7626docs: sa script reference (english translation)
MR7627move to
MR7629docs: Add robots.txt
MR7630docs: Model Interface Reference intro
MR7631docs: Russian index page
MR7634Fix Kafkasender Errors
MR7635docs: Auto-generated technologies reference
MR7636Remove alerta dependency
MR7639docs: Cleanig False Config Changes Howto
MR7640docs: Remove duplicated H1 on home pages
MR7642docs: Fix blog
MR7645docs: Quickstart (english translation)
MR7648ADD interface metrics for card
MR7652Noc blog nginx mkdocs
MR7653docs: Writing NOC Command (split text + english translation)
MR7654docs: Community Guide
MR7655docs: Update community group links
MR7657blog: Revamped TG Groups
MR7663docs: Highlight telegram links in the Community Guide
MR7664docs: Fix tg links
MR7665Adjust the welcome page
MR7668Load balance between partitions for Kafka
MR7669#2222 Add column Name to downloading file in IPAM/Addresses
MR7684docs: ui_path and ui_button macroses
MR7685blog: CSR Proxying for Obtaining a Valid SSL Certificate for Software Evaluation
MR7692Fix archived param in reportdsalarms datasource ('archived' radiobutton in UI)
MR7695#2285 Add DOM metrics to Interface Tab on ManagedObject form.
MR7701#2302 Migrate from csiphash to sipash24.
MR7703Bump psycopg2-binary.
MR7704disable vendor check for xcvr
MR7705traefik 2.10 compatibility
MR7706Add SFP Link to interface on ManagedObject Card
MR7709NOC_SPEEDUP_PATH environment variable allows to set up arbitrary speedup path
MR7710Dockerfile: Build binary packages in dedicated stage, clear pip cache.
MR7711fix_bi_id: Do not import models
MR7714Run migrations from custom
MR7724./noc dcs set-slots command
MR7727Setup traefik healthchecks.
MR7730#2306 Скрипт для отображения метрик, поддерживаемых профилями
MR7731#2309 Update patches
MR7735#2309 Update minor versions
MR7738Bump aiokafka for sender requirements.
MR7740#2309 Update pydantic
MR7741#2309 Update patches (addition)
MR7745#2305 Authentication settings for SNMPv3
MR7746#2309 Update minor versions (addition)
MR7747Speedup update links info for ManagedObject.
MR7752fix pattern_prompt Zyxel.MSAN
MR7757Pin urllib3<2.* due to new openssl 1.1.1 dependency
MR7758fix map link inspector
MR7759Installation using Gufo Thor
MR7760Speedup ManagedObject backend.
MR7764docs: Installation guide (ru)
MR7772#2309 Update networkx
MR7773#2309 Update polars
MR7774Fix pyproj warning
MR7780Dockerfile: Install NOC theme
MR7782Dockerfile: Install static-web-server
MR7783web: Do not install /ui/ path in traefik
MR7784#2309 Bump linters
MR7787BDCOM.IOS, BDCOM.XPON get_lldp_n‎eighbors fix LLDP linking
MR7791#2309 Bump django
MR7797/api/auth/auth/ accepts any HTTP method
MR7803Add PortAggregator interface to BDCOM.IOS.get_interface and BDCOM.xPON.get_interfaces
MR7810#2329 Fix style creation
MR7820#2242 Fix saving KB Entry with attachments
MR7830Update Get SLA Metrics and SLA Ddash
MR7833#2324 Update cachedmethod to pass annotations
MR7835NAG.SNR profile update
MR7836#2340 Add Watchdog to Base Service.
MR7838Reduce Label.enable_XX to allow_models.
MR7854Add RemoteSystem to IP Models.
MR7861Add success_checks field to BI Purgatorium model.
MR7867#2344 Rename pool P0001
MR7879Selfmon Update Managedobject collectors
MR7880Fix "b'%name'" in lldp remote subtype 7
MR7891Add docs for scanning MOs
MR7895Update mkdocs.yml index for "add devices from network scan"
MR7898Set max replication_factor on kafka client to 3.
MR7915Add Gufo HTTP client for replace NOC HTTP Client.
MR7918Periodic Interface Status add LAG status
MR7926Remove all of nsq traces
MR7928Fix interface collator return type for profile collator.
MR7931#2441 Add 'model_multi' param type to ReportEngine
MR7943#2452 Fix pydantic deprecation warnings
MR7953#2435 Clean cpe global_id as MAC.
MR7954#2302 Remove loop parameter from gather on run_sync. It deprecated since Python 3.8.
MR7955Extend ReportEngine categories list
MR7961#2309 Bump crontab
MR7962#2309 Bump coverage
MR7963#2309 Bump pytest
MR7964pyproject.toml: Set default path for html coverage report
MR7965Dockerfile: Use Python 3.11
MR7966./noc newapp: Allow run without Consul
MR7972disable auto-fixing of F841 (unused-variable)
MR7977Merging GufoSNMP and native
MR7994inv buttons fixed
MR7995inv set active tab
MR8005Not show skipped diagnostic checks.
MR8012Set User permission when create NetworkSegment.
MR8018ConnectionType.get_by_id(), .get_by_name()
MR8019inv.objectmodel: Adjust direction and gender combobox width
MR8020add copy to clipboard for id
MR8021Update Eltex.LTP16N
MR8022Add copy to clipboard buttons to UUID and BI ID fields
MR8023newapp: Recognize EmbeddedDocumentListField
MR8024Fix front/rear views in inventory plugins
MR8028Change background color of the navigation tab bar
MR8029inv.inv: Adjust connection rule combobox size
MR8030Adjust layout of about dialog
MR8034welcome page: Enlarge font on welcome page
MR8036inv.inv: Adjust rack panel's editors
MR8037#2114 discovery: Postpone jobs with import errors
MR8038inv.inv: Add scroll to Rack panel
MR8039add padding in comment and contacts plug-panel
MR8040add placeholder to searchfield
MR8041inv.inv: Add current position to Add form title
MR8042inv.objectmodel: Glyph infographics
MR8043inv.inv Data plugin: Add lock glyph and copy id icon
MR8044inv.inv: Add padding to Add form
MR8045eslint linter for javascript
MR8048docs: UI guideline
MR8052typo fixed
MR8053invoke __ function
MR8061inv.inv: Scale selection in Rack View
MR8064inv.inv: Scale selection in Facade panel
MR8066Show username in notification after starting the application
MR8067custom icon on
MR8069inv.inv: Show object after adding
MR8072Application.get_object_or_404 typing
MR8075inv.inv: Add spinner
MR8080devcontainer: Configure eslint properly
MR8082Add backup docs


MR7207Ignore is_managed field to exclude fields.
MR7212Use orjson for prepare value on JSONField.
MR7217#2079 Fix change workflow for managed_object.
MR7220Clear alarm when change workflow state to disable Alarm Interaction.
MR7222Set RunCommands as ManagedObject Alias.
MR7223Sync Discovery Alarm when change BoxAlarmPolicy.
MR7232Fix convert item on New TTSystem adapter API
MR7240Fix iter_groups and iter_grouped methods on ActiveAlarm.
MR7241Fix credential when check Profile diagnostic.
MR7254restore by url fixed
MR7264Fix apply_sync_sensors processed when object change.
MR7268Add multiple topics subscription to RedPanda.
MR7278#2089 Move 'api_requestst' metric collect to logging middleware.
MR7279Fix has_bulk_mode for working properly.
MR7280Fix output for noc run command.
MR7289#2090 Fix monitor application for interval job.
MR7292noc/noc#2092 Fix set config to DiagnosticItem
MR7293noc/noc#2090 Fix count method on pymongo collection.
MR7299#2092 Exclude config key when save diagnostics field.
MR7301Cleanup object_status duplicate records.
MR7304Fix metrics interval setting validation on ManagedObjectProfile.
MR7314Fix save changelog on metrics service when stopped.
MR7317Fix check empty collection on rca_lock.
MR7319Fix ObjectStatus migration typo.
MR7322Fix update diagnostics when change state.
MR7326Release topo rca lock when on_set_status message.
MR7333Revert discovery object status optimization.
MR7335Fix getting consul config proto, more 1 section.
MR7336Check interaction when run AlarmDiagnostic.
MR7340Fix apply metric rule to item.
MR7342Fix KeyError when deleted object when calculate topology uplinks.
MR7352#2109 Remove change_tracker from interface discovery.
MR7353#2113 Fix exclude_labels check on AlarmRule.
MR7359#2109 Do not register changes when assign default workflow state.
MR7362Calculate time_delta on MetricsService.
MR7370Fix trace when off discovery.interface_metric_service settings.
MR7372Fix GufoSNMP import when script check.
MR7381Fix ManagedObject.get_status.
MR7384Fix resolve service when interface metric collected.
MR7388Fix DuplicateError when MapSettings saved.
MR7396Fix add default date limit to Events backend query.
MR7400Fix raise TimeoutError on GufoSNMP count.
MR7413Fix AlarmDetailReport writer_csv method.
MR7418Fix ManagedObject filter on FM Event UI.
MR7444Fix typo in Label._get_re cache.
MR7459Fix error when DataSource return empty result.
MR7468reset to empty value
MR7474Fix duplicate caps when set_caps on Service used.
MR7479clearForm method added
MR7484Fix typo when binding service to sub.
MR7488Fix ChangeField format on workflow decorator.
MR7490Fix table name on MetricState query.
MR7510#2323 Fix save Custom field on managed_object form
MR7512#2220 Reduce max message size on metrics_queue on 1%.
MR7535object list fix total all translate
MR7537#2229 Fix update diagnostic when state changed on ETL process.
MR7549#2133 Check tt_id exists when check_escalated method.
MR7550#2235 Split defer message if arguments size exceeded.
MR7576docs: Fix background index file name
MR7579docs: Fix profiles tests
MR7614Set unsupported ssh proto when 'No supported authentication methods' error.
MR7624Fix panel_id type on GrafanaDS service query.
MR7643fix obtaining data from root inventory node
MR7644Fix ObjectModel query to new data.
MR7671fix iter_scope after #2270
MR7699web: Unify permissions processing in User and Group apps
MR7707Fix package imports in custom
MR7713Fix syslog/trap collectors trace when datastream not rebuilding.
MR7716Fix filter protected labels on UI Filter.
MR7719Fix typo for user permission on site.
MR7726Fix migrate Clickhosue default value for metrics.
MR7737Fix clickhouse metric view with default value..
MR7763Fix trace when no metric data in query.
MR7765Fix order in for custom collection case
MR7789Fix login format in TTCommentRequest.
MR7792Add default map_lon, map_lon params.
MR7793Fix managed_object open form when not oper_status.
MR7800Fix GroupEdit form open.
MR7807#2329 convert value to hex
MR7814#2323 Fix Create ManagedObject when Custom Field set
MR7817Remove bad param from insert_many on whois update.
MR7819#1436 Fix 'different vertices on map' error when request same coordinates for box.
MR7821#2335 Fix firmare_recommended_version output in MO card
MR7823Drop unique index when CPE migration.
MR7837Fix controllers managed_object.
MR7848Fix Label.ensure_labels argument.
MR7849Fix error after systemctl restart noc in main->setup->csv export/import
MR7851Fix union allow_models on 'allow_models'.
MR7856Fix prevent inserting empty values into headers Message Route
MR7868#2326 ID undefined when new object
MR7873Add effective labels to GenericObject on update_diagnostics_alarms.
MR7876Huawei.MA5600T: Clean up misindents inflicted by pager
MR7877Huawei.MA6500T: Fix get_cpe and get_cpe_status for cases when CPE name ends with minus
MR7881Fixed alarm clearing on admin_state down
MR7883#2427 Fix sync Workflow.allowed_models crash.
MR7884#2423 Add AuthLDAPDomain check when aaa.Group delete.
MR7900#2434 Fix dns datastream when address state changed.
MR7903Fix MetricAction.on_delete_check bad field name.
MR7905Fix SQL query on ResourceGroup.sync_model_groups.
MR7906#2341 Fixed open GetNow as first application
MR7910#2352 Always invalidate ManagedObject cache when change TTSystem settings.
MR7927Move object diagnostic to script diagnostic.
MR7934Fixed 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'credentials'
MR7935#2201 Fix Date Filter from Events
MR7935#2201 Fix Date Filter from Events
MR7939Remove propagate filter from get_effective_settings to.
MR7949Disable HTTP Redirect on RPC Client.
MR7951#2446 Change segment to l2domain in vlan card
MR7956#2455 Fix IPv4 in byte-string normalization in IPParameter and IPv4Parameter
MR7960Fix typo on trapcollector service.
MR7969Fix update instances when create matched label.
MR7971consul: Fix set_slot_limit
MR7976#2460 remove link to /ui/web/css/styles.css
MR7978#2344 Fix remove Pool p0001 migration.
MR7980newapp: Use proper base for LookupField
MR7986Fix ManagedObjectProfile match_label apply.
MR7987#2464 Fix apply interface event policy.
MR7990Fix remove wire when crossing disconnect.
MR7991Catch Consul timeout when getting config.
MR7992#2458 Add MAX_PLATFORM_LENGTH check to version discovery.
MR7997Fix favorites stars in model/doc application
MR8001#2463 Исправление обновления sources_config сервиса метрик
MR8002Fix apply dynamic profile classification when save object.
MR8008Generic.get_capabilities. Fix detect SNMP BULK on gufo_snmp.
MR8010Fix interface effective_labels update.
MR8017Pin mkdocs to 1.5.3
MR8025#2106 Fix with race condition in ActiveAlarm.set_root
MR8026inv.objectmodels: fields Front Facade and Rear Facade vertical space fixed
MR8027Fix old-style objectmodel data queries
MR8056Refactor password field
MR8065inv.inv: Set container properly when adding an object
MR8071inv.inv: Fix creating p2p connections with Create Connection form
MR8081inv.inv: reset scale, gap and other vars, when clean form
MR8084inv.inv: Fix crossing proposal's wires section

Code Cleanup

MR7252Cleanup bulk_ping endpoint from activator.
MR7365noc/noc#2093 Fix VERSION file content.
MR7545docs: Move release notes into documentation's root
MR7556docs: Fix links in en section
MR7646docs: Clean-up left RST markup
MR7661core/ Fix formatting
MR7662#2273 Remove Tag
MR7674for csv.reader param csvfile must be iterable object that return string....
MR7677#2234 Remove Tornado
MR7723sync-docs: Remove deprecated command
MR7725memcached cache implementation is removed. Show deprecation warnning and switch to mongo cache.
MR7826#2324 Correct get_by_XX methods annotations
MR7852Fix typo in welcome page
MR7859Cleanup Removed Web Application from web build.
MR7930Fix typo in sync_reffered_labels name.
MR8009Remove logging when Run diagnostic check with no changes.
MR8013Fix only_first param on SNMP.getnext method.
MR8031desktop.html - change copyright meta
MR8032Добавление тестов для коллекций ConnectionType, ObjectModel. Добавление миграции для
MR8057Convert ManagedObject to string for dispose protocol.
MR8085Remove unused on_delete_check from ManagedObject.


MR7358#2073 Move ObjectStatus model to PostgreSQL.
MR7506#2217 Add support 0.6.x Json Grafana Plugin to GrafanaDS service.
MR7531Bump grafana version to 9
MR7673fixed vlan displaying in ip/ipam/contents
MR7750#2312 Add metric template to object title on Map
MR7911Added CPU and memory metrics for CDATA.xPON and BDCOM.xPON
MR7919Alarms Hide Filter Panel
MR7919Alarms Hide Filter Panel
MR7936Fix Classifier error if handler in trigger is None

Profile Changes


MR7729fix get_interfaces Alcatel.7302
MR7751Update Alcalel 7302


MR7402Alstec.24xx.get_inventory. Catch error when unknown snmp oid revision.


MR7770Изменён профиль BDCOM.IOS


MR7912BDCOM.xPON.get_spe_status and BDCOM.xPON.get_spe fix local_id recognition for P3616 series. Fixed status map in get_cpe_status


MR7802Add CData.xPON.get_lldp_neighbors
MR7882Fix CData.xPON snmp ifindex detection #2353


MR8014Cisco.IOS.get_metrics. Fix SLA probes metrics get.


MR6975DLink.DxS.get_interfaces. Use Generic script for SNMP.
MR7544Dlink update
MR7839Add confdb normalizer to DLink.DxS


MR7392Add sensors for profile Eltex.MES
MR7403Eltex.MES.get_capabilities. Fix detect stack.
MR7566fix get_portchannel Eltex.MES
MR7585fix get_inventory Eltex.MES
MR7736Added connection rule for "Eltex | MES" and log message in resolve_object
MR7941Fix regexp for Eltex_MES checkrules


MR7266Eltex.MES24xx. Cleaned config when interface description split to two line.
MR7298fix promt Eltex.MES24xx


MR7354Extreme.XOS. Convert CPU Usage metric to float (device return string).


MR7205noc/noc#2069 Generic.get_lldp_neighbors. Fix for device without lldpRemTimeMark in index.


MR7806HP.Comware. Add SNMP Support to Profile.


MR7798HP.ProCurve. Add new HPE CLI supported.


MR7276noc/noc#2020 Huawei.MA5600T.get_inventory. Add MA5801-GP08\16 supported.
MR7401Huawei.MA5600T.get_cpe_status. Fix num variable.
MR7431Huawei.MA5600T.get_metrics. Add CLI collect for ONT metrics.
MR7437Huawei.MA5600T.get_metrics. Cleanup get_dom_metrics.
MR7478fix shdsl ports Huawei.MA5600T
MR7916Fix MA5600T.get_interfaces for retrieving information about last port in board


MR7499Huawei.VRP.get_metrics. Fix 'SLA | Packets | Loss | Ratio' metric oid.
MR7743Fix Huawei Quidway conection rule
MR8015Huawei.VRP.get_metrics. Set service to cbqos metrics.


MR7424add sensors to get_inventory for JUNOS
MR7495Juniper.JUNOS.get_sla_probes. Add Juniper VMX support for sla probes.
MR7530Juniper add caps
MR7841Juniper.JUNOS.get_interfaces fix interface recognition for ae interface


MR7321Add radio metrics, ddash
MR7808MikroTik.RouterOS fix CLI working on new RouterOS version Add wg interface type and ignoring unknown iftype


MR7651Fixing LACP interfaces for new versions of software Alcatel.TIMOS
MR7872fix get_mac_address_table NSN.TIMOS


MR7509fix pattern_prompt Qtech.QSW2800
MR7734Qtech.QSW2800. Add DOM metrics
MR7827Object models for Qtech


MR7694Raisecom update
MR7828Object models for Raisecom
MR7924Raisecom.ROS. Fix regex is_not_iscom2608g 'global flags' error.


MR7682fix promt SKS.SKS


MR7840TPLink.T2600G add tokenizer and stub normalizer


MR7968Update Ubiquiti.AirOS


MR7843Zyxel IES update


MR6844Add initial support for HP.Aruba profile
MR7466Update InfiNet.WANFlexX.get_interfaces script
MR7514fix interfaces Alcatel.TIMOS
MR7548Eltex.ESR add inv.objectmodels, sa.profilecheckrules, for sensors), fix
MR7591#2261 Add IRE-Polus.Horizon profile.
MR7698add get_fqdn to profile Eltex.MES5448
MR7700#2261 Add IRE-Polus Cofiguration Param Rules.
MR7781Alcatel 7324 RU R4 Update
MR7801HP.Aruba.get_interfaces. Fix getting description.
MR7811Update Rotek.RTBS profile
MR7825Update DCN.DCWL profile
MR7858Add scripts for new vendor Telecom equipment CPE
MR7865Add Telecom.FXS profile
MR7896Add for Eltex LTP-16N/LTP-8N
MR7993Fix get_version, get_chassis_id and add scripts for Eltex.WOPLR
MR7998Update Rotek.RTBS and Rotek.RTBSv1 profiles

Collections Changes

MR6784add board models huawei Smartax MA560xT
MR7140Add new report FM-Escalations
MR7231Add Threshold Config param MetricRule
MR7260Add SQL Dialect queries to ReportConfig.
MR7270Migrate ReportDiscoveryLink to New Report Engine.
MR7311Change metrics octets in delta
MR7350Fix processed subinterface metrics on Metrics Service.
MR7360Add DXS-3400 sysObjectID Profile check rule.
MR7419Fix CRC MetricType MeasurementUnit.
MR7425Migrate Report Event Summary and Report Unclassified Trap OIDs to New API.
MR7464inv.platforms: Huawei Technologies Co. S6730-H48X6C
MR7465inv.objectmodels: Huawei | CloudEngine | S6730-H48X6C
MR7471Set enable_timedelta on Interface scope.
MR7480inv.objectmodels: NAG | SNR | SNR-S2989G-24TX
MR7481inv.connectiontypes: Power | 2CDGB-5.08-02P-14-00A(H)
MR7529New Metrics for ippool of BRAS: HUAWEI, JUNIPER, NSN
MR7557Fix collections
MR7588inv.objectmodels: Cisco | C3750X | WS-C3750X-48P-S
MR7620inv.objectmodels: NAG | SNR | SNR-S5210X-8F
MR7621inv.objectmodels: NAG | SNR | SNR-S2990G-24FX
MR7625#2266 Convert field to Attr list.
MR7638docs: Auto-generated model interface reference
MR7649#2267 Creating a collection of system labels
MR7708Remove key field check for received metrics.
MR7748Added LPU scope to Huawei Quidway
MR7755Add CPE to Asset Discovery.
MR7777#2261 Add IRE-Polus Object Model.
MR7799Скрипт для добавления данных по трансиверам из description (Issue #2320)
MR7829#2337 Ability to download Workflow from the collection
MR7869OS ESXi update profile add SNMP
MR7871Update Fortinet profile, add SNMP
MR7878inv.objectmodels: NAG | SNR | SNR-S2989G-8TX
MR7892#1828 Add Profile Collator for interface <-> connection mapping.
MR7908Add PoE metrics
MR7947#2308 Create Handler collections
MR7948Add managedobjectprofile wildcard label.
MR7958Add Generic.get_ntp_status and Juniper.JUNOS.get_ntp_status
MR7974fm.eventclassificationrules: NAG | SNR | Network | Link | Link Down #8 (SYSLOG)
MR7975fm.eventclassificationrules: NAG | SNR | Network | Link | Link Up #8 (SYSLOG)
MR7979Fix 'Interface | PoE | LineType' metric field type.
MR8007Add 400G Proto. Fix CFP CFP2 QSFP+. Add QSFP28 SFP28
MR8035#2465 Add Template model to JSON collections
MR8047Add MX MessageType enum.
MR8070Additional wildcard labels to collection.
MR8078Rebuild chain after load routes.

Deploy Changes

MR7234Add supporting redos
MR7286Service bh fix deploy
MR7287Fix goss download url
MR7303remove task Add sclo repo
MR7325Ansible fix redos deploy
MR7345Add handling unneeded python packages
MR7380Forcing ansible interpreter for a another venv
MR7417Ansible switch disable install
MR7449BUmp liftbridge to 1.9.0
MR7451Remove NSQ* playbooks
MR7452Bump redpanda to 23.1.13
MR7458Resolve "В башне в разделе "Services ->Datastream" нет галок для prefix и address
MR7505Fix consul ansible interpreter handling
MR7515Bump psycopg2 to python3 in redos
MR7547Add python 3.10 and 3.11 install support
MR7551docs: Flatten structure
MR7616Ansible move urls to vars
MR7641Update RED_7.yml pgbouncer vars
MR7749Fix nginx expose version
MR7771Drop Ubuntu 16/18 support
MR7842Ansible add kafka deploy
MR7844Ansible customize nginx ui
MR7929Add topic create/detele settings
MR8054Delete sup oom patch
MR8060Ansible fix kafka url
MR8074Fix py3 new version
MR8083Fix listen directive