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New commiters

  • Alexey Shirokih - Alcatel.TIMOS profile
  • Dmitry Roshin - HP.ProCurve9xxx profile


noc-laucher can start multiple instances of single daemon. From now on you can start several instances of noc-activator

Customizable favico.ico

Custom favico can be set via etc/noc.conf:[customization]/favicon_url parameter. There are 4 icons of different colors placed into the repo.

Service Activation

Activator Pools

From 0.6.2 release SAE permits to register sevaral activators with same name at once. Such activators are groupped to the activator pools and SAE perfoms round-robin load balance between the members of pool, increasing overall reponsibility, performance and redundancy.

API Improvements

  • Timeout for reduce task detected automatically, if not set explicitly

UI improvements

  • Compact table layout in "Managed Objects"

Address Space Management

  • 'Show free prefixes' link
  • Recursive deleting of block
  • Prefix rebasing