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Pluggable authentication

From 0.5.1 release NOC supports pluggable authentication for flexible enterprise infrastructure integration. Four basic authentication plugins are included:

  • local - stores users and groups in NOC database (Default one)
  • http - delegates authentication process to the upstream HTTP server, relying on REMOTE_USER variable
  • ldap - uses central directory service for user authentication
  • pyrule - delegates authentication decision to a custom pyRule script

Path checking

  • ./scripts/post-update* checks all required executable paths

Built"in documentation builder

Built"in documentation builder no longer requires make

Service Activation

Improved Compatibility

  • Accept Huawe-style MAC addresses (aabb-ccdd-eeff)
  • Better handling of backspaces in input

Improved Reliability

  • On login error script terminated immediately and the reason sent to SAE

New scripts

  • Zyxel.ZyNOS.get_mac_address_table
  • Zyxel.ZyNOS.get_chassis_id
  • HP.ProCurve.get_arp
  • HP.GbE2.get_arp
  • Juniper.JUNOS.get_mac_address_table
  • Juniper.JUNOS.get_vlans
  • DLink.DES3xxx.add_vlan
  • DLink.DES3xxx.remove_vlan
  • DLink.DGS3xxx.add_vlan
  • DLink.DGS3xxx.remove_vlan
  • Huawei.VRP.get_mac_address_table
  • EdgeCore.ES35xx.get_mac_address_table
  • EdgeCore.ES4xxx.get_mac_address_table
  • EdgeCore.ES35xx.get_chassis_id
  • EdgeCore.ES35xx.get_lldp_neighbors
  • NOC.SAE.get_version
  • NOC.SAE.get_activator_status
  • NOC.SAE.ping_check
  • Force10.FTOS.get_spanning_tree
  • Cisco.IOS.get_spanning_tree
  • Cisco.IOS.get_version

Topology Discovery

  • Better handling for macAddress(3) and networkAddress(4) LldpPortIdSubtype in LLDP topology discovery
  • ARP cache analysis for MAC"address topology discovery greatly increases relevancy
  • MAC"address topology discovery algorithm has been rewritten and produces better results
  • STP topology discovery algorithm has been introduced
  • CDP topology discovery algorithm has been introduced

clone-activator fixes

Clone activator add required part of contrib/ into cloned activator

API Improvements

  • Script.cli now accepts optional list_re parameter, converting output string to a list of dicts
  • SAE services now available via map/reduce tasks
  • Profile.pattern_syntax_error
  • IGetSpanningTree interface
  • IGetCDPNeighbors interface

Canned Scripts

debug"script can save script's interaction with device in form of unittest for testing and debugging purposes.

debug-script improvements

Debug script can use managed object name or id as well as URL

Configuration Management

  • Annotate view
  • Visual appearance improved

Address Space Management

  • MAC and Managed Object fields
  • Synchronize database's MACs with equipment ARP caches
  • Online ping monitoring of hosts in the block