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  • Configuration editor
  • All configuration options are documented
  • All filters in change lists can be toggled up/down

Address Space Management

  • common look-and-feel of the web interface

Service Activation

  • New profiles: Cisco.FWSM and Ubiquiti.AirOS
  • Improved compatibility with Cisco IOS 12.2SXF and 12.2GS
  • Improved web-interface navigation
  • "Path" field in Managed Object's form
  • New interface: IGetARP
  • New scripts: Cisco.IOS.get_arp, Juniper.JUNOS.get_arp, Force10.FTOS.get_arp

Fault Management

  • Additional classification rules for Audiocodes.Mediant2000, Force10.FTOS
  • New built-in event classes: security-related event classes (3 new classes)
  • New built-in classification rules: 7 new rules for Cisco IOS, Force10 FTOS and Audiocodes Mediant2000