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  • Auto-updated list of supported equipment (from profile's supported.csv)
  • Daemons can dump memory object statistics into log on SIGPROF signal
  • main.system report shows PostgreSQL version too
  • Customizable logo
  • etc/noc.conf:[customization]/logo_url,logo_width and logo_height options

Address Space Management

  • Search by allocated IPv4 Blocks
  • Search by IP address description

Service Activation

  • New profile: InfiNet.WANFlexX (Revolution 5000)
  • New scripts: DLink.DES3xxx.get_vlans, DLink.DGS3xxx.get_vlans
  • Bugfixes in scripts: DLink.DES3xxx.get_version, DLink.DGS3xxx.get_version

Knowledge Base

  • Pluggable Macros
  • Macros: "now", "rack", "search"
  • Global and User bookmarks
  • MoinMoin converter