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  • Create local/ directory in NOC root owned by NOC daemons user
  • Set up tar, gzip, smidump and smilint paths in etc/noc.conf
  • Follow procedure


  • main.system report shows NOC version
  • tar and gzip paths can be set via etc/noc.conf

Service Activation

  • SAE no longer crashes when fails to read/deserialize crashinfo

Fault Management

  • Built-in event classes and rules are provided with system (15 classes and 13 rules)
  • sync-rules command to import built-in classes, rules and MIBs
  • Link to preview Event Classification Rules
  • Link to convert Event Class/Classification rule to python representation
  • New reports: fm.event_priority_events, fm.unclassified_trap_oids
  • MIB dependency checking
  • MIB uploading via web-interface
  • Local MIB cache
  • smidump and smilint paths can be set via etc/conf.conf

Virtual Circuit Management

  • Import VLANs directly from switches