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managedobject MX Message

managedobject message is generated by datastream service on every Managed Object status change (creating, linking, discovering). Regardless of status change, Managed Object state is always passed as full structure.

Message Headers

Type of message. Always managedobject.
DataStream Change ID, same as $changeid field.
Key for consistent sharding.
Administrative Domain's Id
Managed Object's Profile Id.

Message Format

Message contains JSON with following fields:

idStringManaged Object's id
$change_idStringDatastream Change ID
remote_systemObject Source remote system for object
idStringExternal system's id
nameStringExternal system's name
remote_idStringExternal system's id (Opaque attribbute)
bi_idIntegerBI Database id (metrics)
nameStringObject's name
profileStringSA Profile
versionStringFirmware version
addressStringManagement Address
descriptionStringManaged Object description
tagsArray of StringManaged Object tags
is_managedBooleanObject is managed
object_profileObject Managed Object Profile's data
idStringProfile's ID
nameStringProfile's Name
levelIntegerManaged Object's level
enable_pingBooleanPing probe is enabled
enable_boxBooleanBox discovery is enabled
enable_periodicBooleanPeriodic discovery is enabled
tagsArray of StringManaged Object Profile tags
configObject Optional Object's config metadata (if any)
revisionStringConfig revision ID
sizeIntegerConfig size in octets
updatedStringLast modification timestamp in ISO 8601 format
capabilitiesArray of Object List of object's capabilities
nameStringCapability's name
valueStringCapability's value
service_groupsArray of Object Service Resource Groups
idStringResource Group's id
nameStringResource Group's id
technologyStringTechnology's name
staticBooleantrue if group is static
client_groupsArray of Object Client Resource Groups
idStringResource Group's id
nameStringResource Group's id
technologyStringTechnology's name
staticBooleantrue if group is static
forwarding-instancesArray of Object List of VPNs and virtual tables
nameStringForwarding instance name
typeStringForwarding instance type. One of:
table, bridge, vrf, vll, vpls, evpn, vxlan
rdStringVPN route-distinguisher
vpn_idStringGlobally-unique VPN id
rt_exportArray of StringList of exported route-targets
rt_importArray of StringList of imported route-targets
subinterfacesArray of StringList of subinterfaces in given forwarding instance
interfacesArray of Object List of physical interfaces
nameStringInterface's name (Normalized by profile)
typeStringInterface's type
admin_statusBooleanAdministrative status of interface
enabled_protocolsArray of StringList of active protocols
hintsArray of StringList of optional hints, like uni, nni
snmp_ifindexIntegerSNMP ifIndex
aggregated_interfaceStringLAG interfacename (for LAG members)
subinterfacesArray of Object List of logical interfaces
nameStringSubinterface name (Normalized by profile)
enabled_afiArray of StringActive address families
ipv4_addressesArray of StringList of IPv4 addresses
ipv6_addressesArray of StringList of IPv6 addresses
iso_addressesArray of StringList of ISO/CLNS addresses
vpiIntegerATM VPI
vciIntegerATM VCI
enabled_protocolsArray of StringEnabled protocols
snmp_ifindexIntegerSNMP ifIndex
untagged_vlanIntegerUntagged VLAN (for BRIDGE)
tagged_vlanArray of IntegerList of tagged VLANs (for BRIDGE)
vlan_idsArray of IntegerStack of VLANs for L3 interfaces
linkArray of Object List of links
objectIntegerRemote object\'s ID
interfaceStringRemote port's name (
methodStringDiscovery method
is_uplinkBooleanTrue, if link is uplink
servicesArray of Object Services related to the port
idStringService\'s ID
remote_systemObjectSource remote system for service
idStringExternal system's id
nameStringExternal system's name
remote_idStringService id in External system (Opaque attribute)
assetArray of Object Hardware configuration/Inventory data
idStringInventory object\'s ID
modelObject Inventory model (Object model)
idStringInventory model\'s ID
nameStringInventory model\'s name
tagsArray of StringObject model's
vendorObject Inventory model\'s vendor
idStringVendor\'s ID
nameStringVendor\'s Name
serialStringInventory object's serial number
revisionStringInventory object's hardware revision
dataObject Attached data (see Model Interfaces)
slotsArray of Object Object's slots configuration
nameStringName of slot
directionStringSlot's direction:
• i - inner (nested object)
• s - same level (horizontal connection)
protocolsArray of StringList of protocols, supported by slot
(see Inventory Protocols)
interfaceStringOptional interface name related to the slot
slotsArray of Object List of inner slots for i direction, same structure as slots