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ManagedObject Configuration Change MX Message

config_changed message is generated by Config Discovery service when detected configuration changed.

Message Headers

Type of message. Always config_changed.
Key for consistent sharding.
Managed Object's effective labels.

Message Format

Message contains JSON object, containing objects of following structure

is_newBoolTrue, if new config, False - otherwise
configStringFull config
diffStringUnified diff, if is_new is false
managed_objectObject Managed Object details
idStringManaged Object's ID
nameStringManaged Object's Name
descriptionStringManaged Object's Description
addressStringManaged Object's Address
administrative_domainObject Administrative Domain details
idStringAdministrative Domain's ID
nameStringAdministrative Domain's name
profileObject SA Profile details
idStringSA Profile's ID
nameStringSA Profile's name
object_profileObject Object Profile details
idStringObject Profile's ID
nameStringObject Profile's name