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optical Model Interface

Additional interface for describing optical part of transceiver


laser_typestrLaser type: FP, VCSEL, DFB
tx_wavelengthintTransmit wavelength, nm
rx_wavelengthintReceive wavelength, nm
min_tx_powerfloatMinimum transmit level, dBm
max_tx_powerfloatMaximum transmit level, dBm
min_rx_powerfloatMinimum receive level, dBm
max_rx_powerfloatMaximum receive level, dBm
min_tx_osnrfloatMinimum transmit OSNR, dB/0.1 nm
max_tx_osnrfloatMaximum transmit OSNR, dB/0.1 nm
min_rx_osnrfloatMinimum receive OSNR, dB/0.1 nm
max_rx_osnrfloatMaximum receive OSNR, dB/0.1 nm
bidiboolTrue if singlefiber, WDM. Otherwise False
xwdmboolTrue if C/D WDM. Otherwise False
distance_maxintMax link length, m
bit_rateintNominal bit rate, Mb/s

Minimum receive level may be equal to receiver sensitivity.


  "optical": {
    "bidi": true,
    "rx_wavelength": 1550,
    "tx_wavelength": 1310