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notify: Send notification to reference-notification-group


noc notify [--debug] [--dry-run]
    [--template=<template name>] [--var=*key*=<value>]


notify renders body and subject and sends to given notification groups

Arguments: * --debug - Print debugging message * --dry-run - Do not really send message * --notification-group=group_name - Send message to reference-notification-group. Multiple Notification Groups may be set * --template=template_name - Render subject and body from reference-template. Template variables may be set via additional --var parameters * --var=key=value - Set template's context variable key to value value. Used with --template parameter * --subject=subject - Set subject directly. Overrides --template option * --body=body - Set message body directly. Overrides --template option * --body-file=file_name - Read body from file file_name. Overrides --body and --template options


Send message from template t1. Set host variable to myhost and reason variable to testing

/opt/noc$ ./noc notify --notification-group=mygroup\
    --template=t1 --var=host=myhost --var=reason=testing

Send message to notification groups mygroup1 and mygroup2

/opt/noc$ ./noc notify \
    --notification-group=mygroup1 \
    --notification-group=mygroup2 \
    --subject=Test \

Send message from file

/opt/noc$ ./noc notify \
    --notification-group=mygroup \
    --subject=Test\ from\ file \

Read body from stdin

/opt/noc$ ./noc notify \
    --notification-group=mygroup \
    --subject=Test\ from\ file \

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