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How to Import MIB Files

MIB files contain information to resolve binary (octet-stream) values into the human-readabke format. NOC uses MIBs to:

  • Decode binary values in the SNMP traps
  • In the SA scripts to convert symbolic oid names into the plain oids


NOC uses smidump and smilint utilities for import, so you need all dependent MIB files to be present.


  • Install smidump and smilint utilities into the system (netsnmp-utils for the Debian-based systems)
  • Check all required MIB files. netsnmp-utils packet istalls standard MIBs into the /usr/share/mibs/ietf/ directory.
  • To import MIB through web-interface deploy mib service (via Tower)


We need to prepare the infrastructure to import MIB


In case of multi-node installation all operations must be performed on the node with the service mib

Check utilities availability:

# smidump -v
smidump 0.4.8
# smilint -v
smilint 0.4.8

Check file etc/settings.yml is present, or create new, if neccessary. Add following section:

  mib_path: /usr/share/mibs/ietf/:/usr/share/mibs/site/:/opt/noc/var/mibs/dist/
  smilint: /usr/bin/smilint
  smidump: /usr/bin/smidump


Your system's paths may vary

Place all MIB file dependencies into the one of the mib_path directories. For example, /usr/share/mibs/site.

Install NOC-supplied MIB files:

./scripts/deploy/install-packages requirements/mib.json

Import MIB file via Web Interface


Ensure the mib service is deployed and running.

  1. Open Fault Management > MIB page in the interface.
  2. Press Add button.
  3. Choose the file and dependencies (when necessary) into the MIB form.
  4. Press Upload button.

Import MIB via CLI

./noc mib --local import <path>

where <path> is the path to the MIB file or to directory with MIB files.


The --local key skips the usage of the mib service.

If the output ends with Pass MIB through smilint to detect missed modules, place all missed MIB modules into one of the mib_path directories and repeat the command.

Otherwise, import completed successfully.

Checking MIB

Check MIB in the web interface: Fault Management > MIBs

Applying Changes

Restart classifier service to apply changes.