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Interface Description

This interface is used for interacting with the polling of links based on interface descriptions (Description). It is launched as part of the ifdescr polling process if it is selected in the ManagedObjectProfile settings, under the ifdescr_handler option.

Interface Description is applied during the IfDescr polling process.

interface_description(managed_object, interface):
    Implements Interace Description

    :param managed_object: Managed Object instance
    :param interface: Interface instance


Allows linking (Linking) devices in which the descriptions of interfaces contain the hostname of a neighbor. device1 - hostname2 <-> hostname1 device2. Returns the neighbor's interface to which the local interface should be connected.

    # Python modules
    import re
    import logging

    # NOC modules
    from noc.inv.models.discoveryid import DiscoveryID
    from noc.inv.models.interface import Interface
    from import ManagedObject

    logger = logging.getLogger()

    rx_hostname_default = re.compile(r"(?P<hostname>\S+)")

    def handler(o: ManagedObject, iface: Interface):
        logger.debug("Linking o %s, iface: %s" % (o, iface))
        rx_hostname = iface.profile.ifdesc_patterns or rx_hostname_default
        match =
        if match:
            # Find remote object by hostname
            rdid = DiscoveryID.objects.filter("hostname")).first()
            if not rdid:
                logger.warning("Not find remote object by hostname: %s","hostname"))
      "Not find remote_object")
                return None
            # Find local hostname on DiscoveryID
            ldid = DiscoveryID.objects.get(
            if not ldid.hostname:
      "Not find hostname for local Object")
                return None
            # Find RemoteInterface by description
            ri = Interface.objects.filter(
                managed_object=rdid.object, description__icontains=ldid.hostname
            if ri:
                return ri
  "Not find interface")
        return None