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The interface is used to interact with the results of polling. Housekeeper runs at the end of the poll and serves to manipulate the device (ManagedObject) based on the polling results.

Housekeeper is applied at the end of the Discovery poll.

    Implements Housekeeper

    :param check: DiscoveryCheck 


Assigning an Object Profile

Devices with Capabilities "BRAS | IPoE" are assigned the object profile bras.

    from import ManagedObjectProfile

    PROF_IPoE = ManagedObjectProfile.objects.get(name="bras")

    def housekeeper(check):
         object = check.object
         caps = object.get_caps()
         if caps.get("BRAS | IPoE") and object.object_profile != PROF_IPoE:
              object.object_profile = PROF_IPoE