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DS Filter

This interface allows the creation of custom datastreams Datastream based on the built-in ones. It enables the formation of custom streams based on one of the basic ones. When calculating changes, the DS Filter is called, and the processed record is passed to it. The returned value is written to a new datastream. The settings are located in the menu Main -> Setup -> DataStream Config.

DS Filters are applied during the calculation of data from the source (source) datastream.

    Implements Datastream Filter

    :param data_record: Source datastream data record
    :returns: new data


Return Data

    import datetime
    from import ManagedObject

    def ds_filter(data_record):
        mo = ManagedObject.get_by_id(data_record["id"])
        ts =
        yield {"managed_object": mo.bi_id, "name":, "ip": mo.address, "ts": ts.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S")}