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NOC Deploy Howto

Change Administrator's Password

Click Change Password ... in the top-right corner.

Create Environment

  • Select Environmens > Create New
  • Fill fields:

    • Url: Place DNS name for NOC. Use IP-address of the server if DNS name is absent.
    • Type: Select either Evaluation or Production.
  • Press Save button.

Create Datacenter

  • Select Datacenters > Create New
  • Fill fields:

    • Name: Unique datacenter name (dc1 for example)
  • Press Save

Download Fresh Playbooks

Download fresh installation scenarios:

  • Select Environments > Pull.
  • Wait for Pull complete message.

Add Nodes

  • Select Nodes > Create New
  • Fill fields:

    • Name: Server hostname (i.e. centos-7-02).
    • Datacenter: Select datacenter. Refer to Create Datacenter stage.
    • Node Type: Select

      • Linux: for Linux-based systems.
      • FreeBSD: for FreeBSD
    • IP Address: Primary IP address of the server.

    • Login As: User name, select ansible
  • Press Save.

Select Services

Single-node Installation

Multi-node Installation




  • Select Environments tab.
  • Press Deploy button.
  • Wait for deploy to finish.