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Interface Profile

Interface profiles allow you to modify the system's behavior and provide additional classification for interfaces.


The reference for labels is located in the 'Inventory' section -> 'Setup' -> 'Interface Profile.'

Interface Profile Edit Form

  • Description - Text explanation.
  • Labels - A set of profile labels.
  • Style - The style for displaying in the Managed Object Grid table. The table row is formatted according to this style.
  • Link Events - Actions for events ('Event') on the interface:
    • Ignore - Ignore events.
    • Log - Log events.
    • Raise - Raise alarms.
  • Discovery Policy - Policy for discovery during polling:
    • Ignore
    • Create new
    • Replace
    • Cloud
  • Alarm Weight - Weight coefficient for calculating alarm weight (Alarm Weight).
  • MAC Discovery Policy - Policy for collecting MAC addresses:
    • Transit - Collect MAC addresses on the interface (Setting for MAC polling).
    • Disable - Do not collect MAC addresses on the interface (Setting for MAC polling).
    • Management VLAN - Collect MACs from the Management VLAN (Setting for MAC polling).
    • Direct Downlink - Port toward the neighboring device (Setting for xMAC).
    • Chained Downlink - Port toward an intermediate device on the path to the end device (Setting for xMAC).
    • Direct Uplink - Port toward the Direct Downlink upstream device.
    • Cloud Downlink - Port toward multiple Direct Uplink connections forming a cloud.
  • Validation Policy - Reference to the interface configuration validation policy.
  • Allow LAG mismatch - Allow linking an aggregated LAG port to a physical port.
  • Status Discovery - Enable status polling on the interface (Status Discovery).
  • Status Change Notification - Reference to the notification group for sending messages about port status changes (based on Interface Status polling).
  • User Interface - UNI (User Network Interface) indication. Can be used for selecting user ports.
  • Allow Automatic Segment Change
  • Allow Vacuum Bulling
  • Enable Port in Discovery
  • Collect Metrics from Subinterfaces - Add subinterfaces to the list of collected metrics.
  • Dynamic Classification Policy - Policy for assigning profiles:
    • Disable - Do not assign a profile upon saving.
    • By Rule - Assign according to specified rules (Match Rules).
  • Match Rules - Rules for profile assignment. Allows dynamic assignment.
  • ifDesc Policy - Settings for linking based on interface descriptions (ifDesc):
    • Symmetric Check - Require symmetric (two-way) link confirmation.
    • Patterns - List of regular expressions.
  • Integration - Data for integration with an external system. Filled when the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) mechanism is used:
    • External System - Reference to the external system from which the object profile came.
    • External System ID - Identifier of the object profile in the external system.