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Community Guide

As members of the NOC community, we take great pride and find immense pleasure in being part of this distinguished group. It is both an honor and a privilege to share our collective knowledge and experience in the realm of network management.

To all the new members who are joining our community, we extend a warm and hearty welcome. You are now part of a remarkable group of individuals who are passionate about networks, software, and technology. Feel free to explore, share, and learn alongside us. Together, we can achieve new heights of excellence and innovation. Welcome to the NOC community!


Gitlab plays a central role in NOC development by serving as an organizational hub for the development process. It acts as a repository for the project's code and also provides a platform for tracking and managing issues. This centralization streamlines development efforts, making it an essential tool for NOC development.

Telegram Groups

The NOC community actively maintains and supports several Telegram groups. These groups serve as online platforms where members of the community can engage in discussions, share insights, and exchange knowledge about the NOC, its features, and best practices.

We value our community members and aim to let them communicate in the language they're comfortable with. Choose the groups you want to join: