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Huawei | MA5600T | CLI | MACSupported Huawei MA5600T CLI Syntax 'display mac-address' commandbool
Huawei | MIB | ENTITY-EXTENT-MIBHuawei supported OIDs from HUAWEI-ENTITY-EXTENT-MIB.bool
Huawei | MIB | HUAWEI-CBQOS-MIBHuawei supported OIDs from HUAWEI-CBQOS-MIB.bool
Huawei | NDPHuawei NDP is enabledbool
Huawei | NQA | ProbesNumber of discovered NQA probesint
Huawei | NQA | ResponderConfigured IP NQA responderbool
Huawei | OID | hwCBQoSClassifierStatisticsTableSupported CBQoS stat on hwCBQoSClassifierStatisticsTable OIDsbool
Huawei | OID | hwCBQoSPolicyStatisticsClassifierTableSupported CBQoS stat on hwCBQoSPolicyStatisticsClassifierTable OIDsbool
Huawei | OID | hwMemoryDevTableSupported Memory stat on hwMemoryDevTable OIDsbool
Huawei | SNMP | ModuleIndexSNMP entPhysicalIndex for modules. Needed for generate CPU/Memory OIDS.str