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Project Augeas: Unifying NOC Documentation

At NOC, we are currently revamping our documentation with "Project Augeas" to provide a better experience for our users.

The Challenge

Previously, our documentation was split into English and Russian sections, which were not consistent with each other and had excessively complex structures. Worse, a large part of the documentation was still hosted on the old Confluence system. As a result, it was hard for users to get the required information, and hard for developers to keep documentation in tune.

New Release Policy

In order to finalize 3 years of microservices development and to switch from rolling release to more common release practice we introduce a new release policy.

Welcome to the New Site

NOC development team proudly presents new project's site. New site location is Site is built by excellent Hugo site generator and based on heavily modified Hugo Universal theme. Source codes and build infrastructure are open-source and located at repo.

All photo content on the site is user-contributed and we say thanks to our dear colleagues.

Old site, is still online, though no longer maintained.

PS: The Cat is the fellow member of DevTeam. His name is Markes, he is british shorthair (BRIa). "The NOC is working, the Cat is sleeping".

NOC Logo

We're proudly announce new NOC logo.

New logo contains stylized letter N with rounded zigzag, ending by arrows on both ends, all filled by deep azure color. New logo plays around the first letter of NOC and common communication signs - a couple of crossed lightnings, ending with arrows.