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NOC 18.1.a1 is Released

In accordance to our Release Policy we're starting generation of 18.1 releases.

microservices branch has been forked from main tree about 3 years ago and bring massive architecture changes addressing performance, stability and scalability issues. Considering amount of changes, we'd recommend migration to microservices only for advanced users, seeking particular benefits. All development efforts was focused on microservices and we must admit we'd reached excellent result. Microservices' offsprings monitor very large networks and we'd got invaluable experience of dealing with 300k+ boxes by single cluster.

Due to diverge of code base some features of older NOC have not been ported, holding large part of users from migration. So we did our best to close known regression and to streamline migration path.

18.1 generation symbolizes API and codebase stabilization and encourages users of older releases to upgrade. Its main intention is to offer next stable release to migrate and to offer alternative to rolling releases of microservices.

We introduce 18.1a1, first alpha on 18.1. Alpha is not related to performance and stability. We expect the migration from relative fresh microservices will be smooth and similar to simple microservices upgrade. Just select 18.1a1 tag in Tower instead of microservices branch.

For users of NOC 15.05 and 15.05.01 migration path may consider some manual operations and will be detailed by later documents. We expect some glitches on the way and ready to debug and fix them. It is due to migration from elder releases we marked this release as alpha. We consider to hold alpha stage until 01.10.2018, introducing several intermediate alpha releases. Then the branch will be finalized and 18.1 will be marked.

The users of microservices is urged to upgrage if they choose 18.1 for stability. The users of elder releases are asked to join Community and ask the DevTeam to help with migration.

New Release Policy

In order to finalize 3 years of microservices development and to switch from rolling release to more common release practice we introduce a new release policy.

Welcome to the New Site

NOC development team proudly presents new project's site. New site location is Site is built by excellent Hugo site generator and based on heavily modified Hugo Universal theme. Source codes and build infrastructure are open-source and located at repo.

All photo content on the site is user-contributed and we say thanks to our dear colleagues.

Old site, is still online, though no longer maintained.

PS: The Cat is the fellow member of DevTeam. His name is Markes, he is british shorthair (BRIa). "The NOC is working, the Cat is sleeping".