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Noc 24 1

24.1 release contains 554 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.


BH service

The new BH (short for beholder) is a new service dedicated to network observation and active scanning. It is an executive mechanism that allows the populating of the "purgatorium" and makes one more step of "Project Petrus".

Runner service

The new runner service is dedicated to effectively performing tasks, which consist of one or more related jobs, while considering necessary limitations and dealing with deadlines and errors in gentle and predictable manner. The runner and its tasks are the basic cornerstone of the orchestration and provisioning applications, such as software updates and channel provisioning, that are expected in further releases.

SNMPv3 support for scripts

The NOC finally gets full SNMPv3 support for scripts! This became possible thanks to switching to Gufo SNMP, which has been developed by Gufo Labs especially for NOC. In addition to SNMPv3 support, Gufo SNMP is very CPU-effective, reducing common activator's CPU usage by about 10%.

Unified Crossing

We have greatly reworked the internals of the inventory and its data model. Old crossing used to store only static settings, defined in models. This works well for simple splitters but cannot handle scenarios, where the internal crossing can be programmed. Unified crossing allows collection crossing settings as part of asset discovery. Despite seeming easy, it allows the NOC to handle a wide new class of equipment, such as programmable patch panels, ROADMs, OTN and SDH muxes. The unified crossing is another cornerstone below the channel management feature, which is expected in the following releases.

Equipment Facades

This release introduces the equipment facades feature. The facades are the visual representation of the object, including all inserting modules. The facades have a lot of practical applications in real life, starting from planning and up to organizing on-site jobs. They also made a look of inventory very familiar to vendor NMS'es, making another step towards using the NOC as a multi-vendor NMS system.

See facades howto for additional details.

Configuration Parameters

The configuration parameters are an inventory mechanism allowing to configuration of the equipment directly from the inventory interface just like in vendor's NMS'es. This is another step towards being a multi-vendor NMS.

Datastream Optimization

The numerous cfg* streams have been united into a single cfgtarget datastream, providing a common configuration for ping and collectors services. This reduces rebuilding overhead and eases overall maintenance.

IGetNtpStatus interface

This release also introduces IGetNtpStatus interface, allowing to collect current NTP associations and their statuses from equipment.

Python 3.11 support

The NOC now supports Python 3.11, gaining a significant performance boost. Starting from this release the minimum supported Python version is 3.9.