NOC 23.1.2


NOC 23.1.2

23.1.2 release contains 22 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.

New features

MR Title
!7162 noc/noc#2031 Add BH service


MR Title
!7224 Add effective inventory object data to ManagedObject Datastream.
!7272 Optimize diagnostics sync database query.
!7284 Add status field to index on ObjectStatus model.


MR Title
!7254 restore by url fixed
!7255 noc/noc#2085
!7262 Fix interface metric graph on MO Dash.
!7262 Fix interface metric graph on MO Dash.
!7264 Fix apply_sync_sensors processed when object change.
!7268 Add multiple topics subscription to RedPanda.
!7278 #2089 Move ‘api_requestst’ metric collect to logging middleware.
!7279 Fix has_bulk_mode for working properly.
!7280 Fix output for noc run command.
!7289 #2090 Fix monitor application for interval job.

Code Cleanup

MR Title
!7252 Cleanup bulk_ping endpoint from activator.

Profile Changes

MR Title
!6975 DLink.DxS.get_interfaces. Use Generic script for SNMP.


MR Title
!7266 Eltex.MES24xx. Cleaned config when interface description split to two line.


MR Title
!7276 noc/noc#2020 Huawei.MA5600T.get_inventory. Add MA5801-GP08\16 supported.

Collections Changes

MR Title
!6784 add board models huawei Smartax MA560xT
!7260 Add SQL Dialect queries to ReportConfig.
!7270 Migrate ReportDiscoveryLink to New Report Engine.

Deploy Changes

MR Title
!7286 Service bh fix deploy