NOC 23.1.1


NOC 23.1.1

23.1.1 release contains 15 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.


MR Title
!7208 Speedup object status check on discovery.
!7227 Add expose condition settings.
!7228 Add Span supported to Message Router.
!7237 Change object diagnostics when object_profile save.


MR Title
!7207 Ignore is_managed field to exclude fields.
!7212 Use orjson for prepare value on JSONField.
!7217 #2079 Fix change workflow for managed_object.
!7220 Clear alarm when change workflow state to disable Alarm Interaction.
!7222 Set RunCommands as ManagedObject Alias.
!7223 Sync Discovery Alarm when change BoxAlarmPolicy.
!7232 Fix convert item on New TTSystem adapter API
!7240 Fix iter_groups and iter_grouped methods on ActiveAlarm.
!7241 Fix credential when check Profile diagnostic.

Profile Changes


MR Title
!7205 noc/noc#2069 Generic.get_lldp_neighbors. Fix for device without lldpRemTimeMark in index.

Collections Changes

MR Title
!7231 Add Threshold Config param MetricRule