NOC 22.2.4


NOC 22.2.4

22.2.4 release contains 34 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.


MR Title
!7003 Fix bug in splitting complex content-type in Site class
!7020 fix NSN.TIMOS.get_config script
!7027 Fix on_super_password in cli
!7038 Check pager first on on_prompt script expect.
!7105 translation fix


MR Title
!6770 noc/noc#1937 Fix sender destination send params.
!6999 noc/noc#2006 Fix migration threshold profile without function.
!7013 Fix MAC discovery policy filter settings typo.
!7057 Fix Card/Ddash (Metrics Interval)
!7080 noc/noc#2039 Fix stucked UI when close tab
!7121 Fix wipe user command.
!7124 noc/noc#2054 Fix rebuild datastream on DNS Model.
!7129 Fix DNSZone datastream when IP address used on masters.
!7148 noc/noc#2059 Catch getting error for MAC Collection button
!7167 Fix trace MetricsService when getting deleted source.
!7168 Rebuild managedobject datastream when changed discovery id.
!7173 #2065 Place interface IP Addresses to object VRP if device not supported VRF.
!7183 Use Generic.Host profile for unknown peering point SA profile.
!7193 Fix error when Route set stream without config.
!7199 noc/noc#2068 Disable clean when collection sync for instances without uuid.
!7240 Fix iter_groups and iter_grouped methods on ActiveAlarm.

Code Cleanup

MR Title
!7134 Catch git error when getting version.

Profile Changes


MR Title
!7117 noc/noc#1920 Cisco.IOS. Cleanup output SNMP CDP neighbors.


MR Title
!7004 fix Stack Members in get_capabilities Eltex.MES


MR Title
!7037 noc/noc#2020 Huawei.MA5600T.get_inventory. Fix detect board.


MR Title
!6895 noc/noc#1964 Huawei.VRP.get_interfaces. Add allow_empty_response for ‘display vlan’ on cloud_engine_switch.


MR Title
!7115 noc/noc#1658 ZTE.ZXA10.get_interfaces. Add SFUL, GFGM card type.


MR Title
!7019 add get_lldp_neighbors Qtech.QOS
!7086 fix Zyxel.DSLAM
!7130 noc/noc#2037 BDCOM.xPON.get_interfaces. Add Giga-Combo-FX-SFP interface type.
!7143 #2037 BDCOM.xPON.get_interfaces. Fix parse tagged vlans.
!7180 Расхождение коллекции

Collections Changes

MR Title
!7018 add profilecheckrules NSN TIMOS 7705-SAR-X
!7085 add profilecheckrules zyxel.dslam VES-1624FT-55A