NOC 22.2.3


NOC 22.2.3

22.2.3 release contains 32 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.


MR Title
!6904 Add endpoint bulk_ping to activator service
!6918 Set SNMP check status on Profile Check.
!6923 Add diagnostic labels.
!6930 Use effective labels for UI field.
!6930 Use effective labels for UI field.
!6939 noc/noc#1593 Add MapFiled for store BI Events vars.
!6945 Fix ResourceGroup check on alarmescalation.
!6953 noc/noc#1939 Add service based dcs check params.
!6957 Add sync_diagnostic_labels settings to global config.
!6969 Improve SNMPError description.


MR Title
!6892 Fix rebuild route chains when delete MessageRoute.
!6900 Fix calculate down_objects metric on Ping Service.
!6922 noc/noc#1969 Add datastream param to detect changes.
!6926 Add is_delta to _conversions key, for save unit conversation.
!6928 Fix ‘referenced before assignment’ on escalation notify.
!6931 Catch error when transmute processing on Route.
!6943 Fix save in ManagedObject set_caps method.
!6949 noc/noc#1985 Cleanup change commit typo.
!6951 Fix iter datastream typo.
!6954 Fix datastream send message when deleted.
!6962 Fix migrate bi table if previous exists.
!6972 Fix error when change mongoengine DictField.
!6980 noc/noc#1984 Add counter flag to cdag probe for check shift counter type.

Profile Changes


MR Title
!6915 Eltex.MES. Add retry authentication to pattern_more.
!6965 fix interface description Eltex.MES.get_interfaces


MR Title
!6896 Generic.get_capabilities. Filter non-printable character on sysDescr.
!6964 add chunk_size to Generic.get_interfaces


MR Title
!6897 ECI.HiFOCuS. Fix setup_script profile method for None user.
!6961 H3C.VRP.get_interface_status. Fix matchers typo.

Collections Changes

MR Title
!6652 Фикс обработки временной метки в subject dispose
!6914 Fix ComboPorts on ObjectModels.

Deploy Changes

MR Title
!6891 Fix deploy on native python 3 version system