NOC 22.2.2


NOC 22.2.2

22.2.2 release contains 33 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.


MR Title
!6804 Check metrics service active when collected metrics.
!6809 Add ReadPreference to MetricsService.
!6809 Add ReadPreference to MetricsService.
!6813 Add bulk mode to set interfacestatus state.
!6820 Use bi_id field as sharding key for Metric Stream.
!6830 Reset ManagedObject diagnostic when disabled Box.
!6831 Check can_update_alarms settings when raise diagnostic alarm.
!6845 fix Eltex.LTP get_version
!6857 Add apply alarm_class components to raise alarm on correlator.
!6858 Update language translation file.
!6868 Set SNMPTRAP/SYSLOG diagnostics set.


MR Title
!6815 Fix kafkasender stream settings.
!6818 Fix Threshold Profile migration for unique name.
!6822 noc/noc#1785 removed item_frequencies method in fm.reporteventsummary
!6823 noc/noc#1954 Fix wait datastream ready on mx services.
!6827 noc/noc#1955 Add port param to CLI protocol checker.
!6834 Fix allocation order on vlan.
!6849 Fix etl changed labels when object labels is None.
!6854 noc/noc#1956 Fix ZeroDivisionError when prefix usage calc.
!6861 noc/noc#1956 Fix detect address usage with included special addresses.
!6866 Fix send mx message on classifier and uptime reboot.
!6869 noc/noc#1959 Add bulk param to model_set_state.
!6870 Fix typo on NBI objectmetrics.
!6873 noc/noc#1960 Fix error on service without router.

Profile Changes


MR Title
!6810 Alstec.24xx.get_metrics. Fix metric units.


MR Title
!6842 Fix Eltex.MES24xx.get_version script


MR Title
!6799 Fixed detect port and power supply number for new Huawei CloudEngine switches


MR Title
!6833 Juniper.JUNOS.get_metrics. Fix units on ‘Memory | Heap’ metrics
!6850 Juniper.JUNOS.get_metrics. Fix labels format on slot generator.


MR Title
!6807 DCN.DCWL.get_metrics. Convert to flot.
!6884 Fix Qtech.QSW.get_version script

Collections Changes

MR Title
!6885 Fix calculate MetricType for delta type.

Deploy Changes

MR Title
!6877 Ansible tower add metrics check