NOC 22.2.1


NOC 22.2.1

22.2.1 release contains 21 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.


MR Title
!6742 Fix 3Com.SuperStack3_4500.get_mac_address_table script
!6769 Fix 3Com.SuperStack3_4500.get_interfaces script
!6780 Set close escalation delay to reopens alarm control time.
!6781 Update version to 22.2


MR Title
!6747 Fix time_delta when processed discovery metrics.
!6748 Disable suggests in local profile on migration.
!6752 Fix typo on Address.get_collision query.
!6757 Cleanup vc_domain fields on UI.
!6759 Watch escalation when reopen alarm.
!6760 Fix typo on caps discovery logging.
!6763 noc/noc#1936 Fix l2_domain filter on VLAN UI.
!6765 Add send_message method to stub service.
!6775 Fix changelog reorder when compact.
!6777 Split SNMP/CLI credential action on diagnostic discovery.
!6778 Fix check alarm close error on deescalation process.
!6787 noc/noc#1940 Revert Prefix import to Address.
!6789 Fix reorder metrics states on compact procedures.
!6793 noc/noc#1943 Remove vcfilter from NetworkSegment Application.

Profile Changes


MR Title
!6746 Use Attribute capability for get_inventory scripts.


MR Title
!6783 noc/noc#1926 Huawei.MA5600T. Fix allow_empty_response for pattern_more send.


MR Title
!6767 Fix Raisecom.ROS.get_version script