NOC 22.1.1


NOC 22.1.1

22.1.1 release contains 43 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.

New features

MR Title
!6264 noc/noc#1780 Incremental ETL


MR Title
!5371 noc/noc#1515 Add Sensor ETL model.
!6220 noc/noc#1535 Change DIG - > DNSPython
!6252 Catch ValueError on objectmetrics NBI API.
!6259 Fix NAG.SNR profile
!6271 noc/noc#1825 Add ManagedObject Query Source to GrafanaDS.
!6274 noc/noc#1821 Add managed_object to fm.ActiveEvent index for UI Filter.
!6276 Add SLAProbe Clickhouse Dictionary.
!6279 Update VERSION file
!6279 Update VERSION file
!6281 Fix ETL extractors for incremental methods.
!6282 noc/noc#1825 Better variable configuration on Grafana JSON Datasource.
!6286 noc/noc#1831 Add iter_related_changed method for getting related model.
!6294 Fix liftbridge settings about cursors stream in docker
!6302 noc/noc#1831 datastream: get_changed_instance helper method
!6309 Fix default format result on grafanads services query.
!6324 Add ensure_labels to ETL loader.


MR Title
!6247 noc/noc#1821 Fix paging on Events UI.
!6248 Check TT on already_escalation method for fix Key Error when check notification doc.
!6253 Fix getting service on clear_alarm API view.
!6265 Fix filter server on dnszone DataStream.
!6268 Fix dictionary name in BI dashboard datasources.
!6272 Add migrate is_regex to is_matching field in Label.
!6295 Fix Pydantic models for MRT Service request.
!6304 Fix Maintenance.update_affected_objects for None stop value.
!6312 noc/noc#1451 Add ObjectId validator to ReferenceField.
!6314 Fix BI dict name on query to new dict name.
!6326 Add maintenance timepattern to get_active_maintenance.
!6328 Fix empty labels on etl ensure_labels.
!6330 Fix MultipleObjectsReturned on second resolve try.

Code Cleanup

MR Title
!6285 noc/noc#1833 Force convert segment_path and container_path element to string.
!6308 Fix DNSZone serial field to persist.
!6331 Migrate match_version on scripts to matchers.

Profile Changes


MR Title
!6334 Huawei.MA5600T.get_metrics. Fix labels format.


MR Title
!6245 Huawei.VRP.get_version - delete \r in version


MR Title
!6254 NCN.TIMOS.get_metrics. Fix DHCP Metrics Used.


MR Title
!6246 Meinberg.LANTIME. Cleanup black.

Deploy Changes

MR Title
!6261 Add check about worker needs and *sender mx dependency
!6292 Bring centos 7 tests back
!6298 Ansible fix pg init command
!6301 change repo clickhouse