NOC 20.2.2


In accordance to our Release Policy we’re proudly present release 20.2.2.

20.2.2 release contains 95 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.

New features

MR Title
!3995 Add New profile STerra Gate
!4002 Add new Profile Kontinent
!4022 Add metrics for Gate.
!4169 Add Eltex MES24xx mib
!4176 Update gates metrics name
!4179 Fix graph_interface_load_lag.j2 view sum iface load


MR Title
!3897 datastream: asyncio waiter
!3907 add_new_objectmodels_Zyxel_MSAN
!3916 Add some cisco models
!3922 add_objectmodels_cisco_c3560e
!3933 add_objectmodels_dlink_DAS-3224DC_1
!3934 add_objectmodels_zhone_paradyne
!3941 Add RCA type field to Alarms BI model.
!3945 Add batch to fix_object_uplinks.
!3956 add_objectmodels_ciscoASR1004_card
!3965 Allow empty platform for etl portmapper.
!3968 add_profilecheckrules_Eltex_TAU
!3969 add_profilecheckrules_SKS
!4057 Add more platforms
!4059 Add segment_lookup for segment column on ReportObjectDetail.
!4067 noc/noc#1346 Filter metric if it value eq SNMP_OVERLOAD_VALUE.
!4083 Update list of datastreams in fix_rebuild_datastream
!4087 sa.profilecheckrules: Huawei
!4105 inv.models.platform: Fix to_json sorting
!4116 sa.profilecheckrules: DCN
!4117 sa.profilecheckrules: DCN
!4140 noc/noc#1328 Add vlan_ids to unit ConfDB syntax.
!4146 fix_reportmaxmetrics
!4165 Add vlan_ids to interface discovery ConfDB source.
!4166 Fix ReportObjectDetail trace when empty segment name.
!4167 SNMP: Better oid wrap detection in GETNEXT
!4175 ConfDB: Allow normalizer inheritance
!4182 Update uplinks if MergeDownlink status changed.


MR Title
!3942 Fix sorted key in BI Dashboard access.
!3943 Add suppress_trace flag to IOLoopContext.
!3953 Disable check access_preference SNMP for get_version script.
!3977 Fix grafana templates id
!4020 Cleanup py3 for monmap backend.
!4020 Cleanup py3 for monmap backend.
!4048 noc/noc#1343 Use ListField for inheritance on PlainReferenceListField. Fixed extend change on field.
!4056 noc/noc#1345 Fix ‘RuntimeError: no running event loop’ on Datastream notify callback.
!4090 Fix getting object metrics for table without path column.
!4096 Set uuid when create BI dashboard.
!4098 Fix typo in pm.utils.
!4101 Revert PlainReferenceListField.
!4127 noc/noc#1343 Use BaseList from mongoengine.base.datastructures for PlainReferenceListField value.
!4128 noc/noc#1344 Use smart_text on fix tags.
!4129 noc/noc#1337 Use smart_bytes on threshold picker load.
!4139 Generic.get_interfaces. Fix mtu None value trace.
!4158 Fix call handler on cli object_parser.
!4173 noc/noc#1350 Fix datastream rebuild None id trace.
!4197 Add ifdescr to ReporDiscoveryResult.
!4207 Fix table name for routingneighbors BI models.

Code Cleanup

MR Title
!3630 Fix Fav Filter
!3914 NOC 20.2.1 Release Notes
!3971 Update iface handler

Profile Changes


MR Title
!4211 Alcatel.7302. Fix for 7342 PON platform.


MR Title
!4130 noc/noc#1339 Cisco.IOS.normalizer. Fix digit multi on storm-control level command.
!4147 noc/noc#1339 Cisco.IOS.normalizer. Fix typo


MR Title
!3950 Eltex.MES24xx. Add support SNMP to profile.


MR Title
!3935 Fix Generic.get_interfaces script
!3944 Generic.get_mac_address_table. Add get_iface_mapping method.
!4109 noc/noc#1349 Generic.get_interfaces. Fix trace when empty mtu
!4111 Fix Generic.get_mpls_vpn script
!4202 Generic.get_spanning_tree. Convert designated_port_id to hex if getting int.


MR Title
!3920 Huawei.MA5600T. Add pattern_more prompt.
!3991 Fix CLI Huawei.MA5600T.get_lldp_neighbors
!4061 Huawei.MA5600T. Add Load OID for GPON interface metrics.
!4103 Huawei.MA5600T. Fix typo on gponports metric name.
!4110 Fix Huawei.MA5600T profile


MR Title
!3951 Huawei.VRP. Fix several snmp only working problems.
!4013 noc/noc#1163 Huawei.VRP. Add rogue_chars to profile.
!4027 noc/noc#1163 Huawei.VRP.get_capabilities. Fix detect modules index for metrics.
!4027 noc/noc#1163 Huawei.VRP.get_capabilities. Fix detect modules index for metrics.
!4142 noc/noc#1163 Huawei.VRP.get_metrics. Use getnext for CX200 DuplexStatus.


MR Title
!3936 Fix script for only snmp connection
!3937 Fix script for only snmp connection2
!3939 Add use of filter_interface() function
!4024 Fix Juniper.JUNOS.get_interfaces script


MR Title
!3905 new_objectmodels_qtech_part4


MR Title
!4136 noc/noc#1162 Raisecom.ROS profile. Fix convert iface name for SNMP ifDescr format.


MR Title
!3989 SKS.SKS.get_spanning_tree. Add SNMP support.
!3989 SKS.SKS.get_spanning_tree. Add SNMP support.


MR Title
!3028 Add ubiquiti/wa support
!4010 Fix get_interface


MR Title
!3859 Fix Huawei.MA5300.get_interfaces script
!3924 Rotek.RTBSv1.get_interfaces. Fix subinterfaces.
!3931 Fix Eltex.LTP.get_mac_address_table script
!3952 Iskratel.MBAN.get_version. Fix regex for SHDSL board.
!3961 Fix Proscend.SHDSL.get_chassis_id script
!4023 Fix DLink.DxS_Cisco_CLI.get_lldp_neighbors script
!4062 Fix DLink.DxS_Cisco_CLI.get_lldp_neighbors script
!4078 Fix Planet.WGSD.get_interfaces script
!4160 Alstec.MSPU. Fix pattern_prompt.
!4160 Alstec.MSPU. Fix pattern_prompt.