NOC 19.2.1


In accordance to our Release Policy we’re continuing support of generation of 19.2 releases. NOC 19.2.1 collects 69 bugfixes, optimization and improvements, while fully preserves 19.2 API.


Migration from 19.2 release is straightforward. Just deploy 19.2.1 or stable-19.2 tags from Tower.


MR Title
!2006 noc/noc#1032
!2020 Add autowidth column option to ReportLinkDetail.
!2021 Add autowidth column to ReportIfacesStatus.
!2023 Add autowidth column option to ReportAlarmDetail.
!2039 Add frozen first row in Detail Report.
!2041 Add subscribers profile filter to AlarmDetail Report.
!2055 Add ignoring snmp to profile checker.
!2065 ensure-indexes: Create index on fm.Uptime
!2088 Add Content-Transfer-Encoding header to mailsender.
!2093 noc/noc#1008
!2100 Add search form from Maintenance
!2108 Add QSW-3470-28T-AC platform to Qtech. Switch get_version prefer to SNMP.
!2112 noc/noc#914 Return first find profile that loader.
!2125 Cleanup Qtech.QSW2800.get_chassis_id for matcher use.
!2132 Update Angtel.Topaz profile
!2137 Add ingnore_errors param to http_get activator method.
!2138 Add config policy for IBM NOS
!2139 Add managed param to clickhouse model meta.
!2143 Get serial number for Cisco ASR1000
!2144 Add noc user to docker container
!2157 Added check of empty lines in the Object and Segment fields
!2158 Add get_inventory support for Eltex.MES profile
!2161 Move report metric to Report Detail format.
!2162 Docker with memcache
!2168 Set noc dir permissions
!2204 Add administrative domain field to Report Latest Changes.
!2206 Add new Radio Metrics Row for rssi/cinr and rx/tx power metrics
!2214 Add config-violatile to Raisecom.ROS.
!2218 Update Ericsson SEOS Profile
!2233 Add support for unpriveleged prompt for Eltex.MES5448
!2240 Update Eltex.ESR profile
!2290 Fix Eltex.MES5448.get_config script


MR Title
!1571 Fix Qtech.QSW profile for lldp
!1571 Fix Qtech.QSW profile for lldp
!1847 Fix DLink.DVG.get_chassis_id script
!1952 Fix SKS.SKS.get_interfaces script
!2007 Fix SKS.SKS.get_spanning_tree script
!2008 Fix Alstec.24xx.get_interfaces script
!2010 Fix path for release Dockerfiles
!2017 Fix Huawei.VRF.get_interfaces untagged from pvid.
!2037 Fix Generic.get_capabilities script when SNMP false.
!2052 Fix get_config scripts.
!2056 Fix TFortis.PSW get_interfaces.
!2058 Fix bulk update IPAM address usage cache.
!2066 ConfDB: NotMatch doesn’t yield context if unresolved unbound variables left
!2068 Fix get_displayed_type method for clickhouse field.
!2097 fix not ascii in description
!2116 fix_metric_qtech_vendors
!2127 Fix upstream_connected_graph_template.
!2128 Fix Eltex.MES profile
!2140 Fix export inv.objectmodel to JSON
!2151 Fix Huawei.MA5600T pattern more.
!2159 Fix activator http_get params typo.
!2167 Fix add user in docker release image
!2170 Fix managed_object logger.
!2173 Fix ipv4 address validator
!2175 Fix inetrace speed attribute on ch dictionary
!2183 Fix datasource interfaceattributes dictionary.
!2191 Fix Cisco.IOSXR.convert_interface_name
!2208 Fix reportmetrics field order.
!2269 Replace XML namespace parameter on profile Hikvision.DSKV8.
!2274 Fix prompt in Eltex.DSLAM profile
!2276 Fix Qtech.QOS.get_version script
!2286 Fix DCN.DCWL.get_interfaces profile for WL8200-TL1
!2298 Update Eltex.DSLAM profile
!2302 Fix Beward.BD more than 1 value trace.

Code Cleanup

MR Title
!2029 Remove copy/paste mistake from Eltex.MES.get_config script
!2060 Remove urllib usage in profiles