NOC 18.1.1


In accordance to our Release Policy we’re continuing support of generation of 18.1 releases. NOC 18.1.1 collects 35 bugfixes, optimization and improvements, while fully preserves 18.1 API.


Migration from 18.1 release is straightforward. Just deploy 18.1.1 or stable-18.1 tags from Tower.


MR Title
!1215 Fix platform field in Platform Card.
!1208 #947 Fix MAC ranges optimization
!1105 #856 Rack view fix
!1220 Fix Generic.get_interfaces script
!1222 Fix DiscoveryID flaps when disabling interface discovery
!1231 noc/noc#946 Fix ManagedObject web console.
!1239 #911 consul: Fix faulty state caused by changes in consul timeout behavior
!1237 #956 fix web scripts
!1247 Fix consul resolver index handling
!1253 Fix path in radius(services)
!1260 Fix pm.util.get_objects_metrics if object_profile metrics empty.
!1258 Fix managed_object_platform migration.
!1268 Fix scheme migrations
!1272 Fix vendor name in SAE script credentials.
!1274 threadpool: Cleanup worker result just after setting future
!1298 Fix custom metrics path in Generic.get_metrics.
!1295 Fix ./noc mib lookup
!1300 fm.eventclassificationrule: Fix creating from event
!1279 Fixes empty range list in discoveryid.
!1320 Fix SNMP Trap OID Resolver
!1325 Fix CLIPS engine in slots.
!1288 Fix ManagedObject save_config attrgetter section.
!1371 dnszone: Ignore addresses with missed FQDNs
!1310 #964 Fix SA sessions leaking
!1375 Cleanup pyrule from classifier trigger.
!1381 #971 trapcollector: Gentler handling of BER decoding errors
!1401 ip.ipam: Fix prefix style


MR Title
!1291 Extend job command.
!1346 snmp: Try to negotiate broken error_index
!1382 #961 Process All addresses and Loopback address syslog/trap source types
!1384 card: project card
!1413 dns.dnsserver: Remove sync field